Call of the Dead – A Screenplay by Treyarch

Check out this rather cool press release sent out in black envelopes to members of the gaming press; providing not just a Call of Duty: Black Ops XBLA code, but also a suitably blood-splattered screenplay of Call of the Dead’s introduction.

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earbus2722d ago

looks pretty funny may get after all.

DanSolo2722d ago

Now they should make a good Zombie game!

Every fan of the Zombie genre could give them some good tips about how to make the definitive Zombie game.... but for some reason devs seem to find it difficult to understand how to do it. They seem to think they need to add in some weird type zombies with powers or some shit to add variety.... whereas what they need is gameplay variety.

They should just contact me... I'd happily give them a winning (and realistic/doable) formula for making the definitive Zombie game! ;)