PS3: Photos Of New U.S. $399 40GB Spiderman Bundle

Gamepro has got all-new photos of the new $400 PS3 40GB -- read on for in-depth comparisons between it and the older models. Is there anything different?

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PS3 Limps on and on4019d ago

Blu ray all the way, Sony has to let people know that high defintion exists.

Syko4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

While a bundled movie is good (Better than nothing!) I just wonder if it sends the wrong message to your AVERAGE consumer/gamer. When you are looking for a games system and the 360 has 2 games packed in, and then the PS3 has a movie packed in I just wonder if you're average, knows nothing about games mom would get the 360. Just from a marketing stance I wonder how this affects the consumer.

But on the opposite side like Lorenzferus said it serves as a reminder that it is also a full HD movie player.

Now before you go roasting me I just want to say that the above scenario is probably rare as the kids would most likely tell their parents which one they wanted specifically. But I am just stating that you can never underestimate the average dumb Wal-Mart shopper.

Anyways....It's a good bundle and a great value at $399 for a lot of people this holiday season.

NTSC-J4018d ago

I see what you are saying but by now the name Playstation is hand in hand with gaming. Just like Nintendo.

PS3 Limps on and on4018d ago

If I had to make the choice on the $399. I would go with blu ray also. I just think people have to know that this plays High Defintion movies.

It's the only thing that really seperates them from XBOX 360 right now.

It doesn't hurt that it's Spider-man 3 either...

Cat4018d ago

yeah, parents continue to be uninformed. on ps3 launch day there was a kid with his mom and she knew nothing about the system or the games, just that he wanted a ps3. nothing else mattered.

okcomputer4018d ago

I doubt any parent is seriously going to be choosing between two $400 devices for their kid without actually knowing which one the kid wants first before buying. $400 isn't really that much money, but its still high enough of a price to put some real thought into it and not just wander into the store and pick whatever you "guess" your kid would want.

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Dannagar4019d ago

God Darn it! It's black again. I was hoping for a white or platinum system!!

SmokeyMcBear4018d ago

shut up and go back to your failing middle of no where store.

Filanime034018d ago

Don't worry white ceramic ps3 probably on its way again. There is a rumor going around that sony filed a new sku on the FCC its probably the white ceramic ps3. Korea and japan got the white ps3 don't worry it will come to North american, europe, and aus.

arcadegoal4018d ago

its gona be soon availible in austraila right now

Brainiac 84018d ago

No BC; no sale.

I'll wait until I can afford the 80 gig for 100 bucks more.

Sevir044018d ago

SONY should have opted to push the sales of it's software as well, and buy doing that they should have stuffed the PS3 with both Folklore and Ratchet, or release 2 other bundles in addition to the one already anounced with the spiderman 3.

1 40gig playstation3 + sixaxis + FolkLore at 399 usd

bundle number 2

40gig ps3 + sixaxis + Ratchet and Clank Future: TOD at 399 USD

and Bundle 3

40gig PS3 + sixaxis + Spiderman 3 bluray disc = 399 Usd

and wrap it up with

the 80g bundle

80gig PS3 + sixaxis + Motorstorm/warhawk/HS

those 4 bundles would have drove sales and given people alot of choice

the movie fanatics would quickly go for the spiderman config, while the gamers looking for entry level would get to enjoy ratchet or Folklore, and the ones who want the premium package with BC woud opt for the hundred bucks more 80gig. or 60gig if they could find the 60gig.^^

i should have been head of marketing for Sony. I know that i'd be advertising stuff way more and making sure that gamers and potential costomers would be quite aware of my product.

while sony is making steps to catch up with Nintendo and MS. they just dont have all there apples together. i'm serious people take our complaints to sony on there forums and voice our opinions about there marketing

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