A Solution Abroad: Blu-Ray-Only Titles Available on Imported HD DVD

Gizmodo reports:

A Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article on October 18, 2007, highlights two points:

* That many titles from Sony, Fox and Disney that are Blu-ray only in the US are available in HD DVD in other countries.

* And, since HD DVD is region-free, you can order discs on sites like Xploited Cinema and the discs will play on your HD DVD player.

The reverse is also the case, but there is a catch as reported in WSJ:

'Some titles that come out exclusively on HD DVD in the U.S. come out on Blu-ray overseas, such as Universal Pictures' "Bruce Almighty" and "Hollywoodland," but consumers must be sure they are buying from a region that works with U.S. players. For Blu-ray, the U.S. is in the same region as almost all of the Americas and Southeast Asia.'

WSJ writes that the bottom line as far as the format war is concerned:

'Still, most major high-definition titles available overseas seem to reflect a switch to HD DVD, rather than the reverse.'

Gizmodo's notes: The WSJ piece does not mention one little loophole for cult movie lovers: some horror indies such as Dawn of the Dead, Halloween and Evil Dead II are available on Xploited Cinema in "region free" Blu-ray.

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THE_JUDGE4043d ago

how is it possible? How would Sony and Fox and Universal allow their movies on the oppisite format?

achira4043d ago

because this is made up bs.

ktchong4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

So do you think The Wall Street Journal makes up BS? LOL.

It does not matter if you don't like it or if this does not get approved, the Wall Street Journal has circulation all over the world. Hundreds of millions of people are already reading this in the Wall Street Journal and via other papers, magazines and TV/cable news that will re-report it.

So what are you going to do about it? Boycott the Wall Street Journal, or try to discredit or destroy it? LOL. This is THE WALL STREET JOURNAL we're talking about.

THE_JUDGE4043d ago

you got your subscriber numbers but NO newspaper has hundreds of millions! Shut up and let the grown ups talk, thanks.

drtysouf214043d ago

and not all the others ....
well for now atleast.

Charlie26884043d ago

THE_JUDGE: I think its a matter of distribution rights and it all points that who holds those rights has the power to release it on the format they see fit

Sangheili854043d ago

lol not really but here is some proof. This site has all kinds of Blu-ray movies in HD. They are all french versions but considering HD is region free it doesn't matter.

cuco334043d ago

In europe and other regions in the world titles are released by other distributors, some in fact that support HD DVD and hence why you can get US BD exclusives imported under HD DVD.

People in the know have been doing this for awhile. I even mentioned it on here for quite some time...

Playing Underworld HD DVD import in a US HD DVD player = priceless

Another reason why region coding is not good for the consumer

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Lucreto4043d ago

It has been mentioned before but very few must been sold. Blu-ray is still winning and it makes you wonder what are the true HD sales if these are being counted

I bet a lot of people will be looking for Transformers on blu-ray.

THE_JUDGE4043d ago

this happens both ways. Its because of the titles being on split publishers in smaller countries. It's a anomaly that doesn't and won't have too much effect on the overall format war. Both sides are taking a hit on it.

ktchong4043d ago

1. Blu-ray has stronger exclusivity support from studios. This basically more or less neutralize that advantage of Blu-ray.

2. Blu-ray is not region free, which means dodging exclusives does not work as well for Blu-ray as it does for region-free HD DVD.

cuco334043d ago

BD wants region coding but not all studios make it so. If a disk were region coded then you can't play them on US BD players.

miked8084043d ago

I've been ordering overseas HD-DVDs for over a year now.

Boink4043d ago

that makes the format war even more useless...

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The story is too old to be commented.