Sony Breach 'Difficult to Excuse' Say Security Experts

Sony's still dealing with the PlayStation Network fiasco, having apologized and announced a "welcome back" program over the weekend, and just when you thought things might be settling down, Sony Online Entertainment had to shut down its network too and warned customers that nearly 25 million accounts had been compromised. Security experts are aghast that Sony could have overlooked protecting yet another one of its networks.

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I think it would be funny to see how these security experts would handle it if they were getting attacked by hackers on a massive scale

Raven_Nomad2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Sometimes it's better not to provoke the bear, next thing you know your getting mauled.

Obviously Sony Poked Hackers. Better to just let them be. Microsoft and Nintendo both leave them be. Ban consoles, ect.. Just don't piss them off and call them out.

rabidpancakeburglar2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Who's the bear and the poker in that analogy?

They couldn't leave them alone as they were ruining other peoples gaming with their hacking

Well that just paints them as badass

BeAGamer2814d ago

Raven likes to be poked

dragonelite2814d ago

unless your protected with 50 cal.
Sony brought honey and a knife to the bear instead of a high caliber gun but still provoke it.

BlackTar1872814d ago

Raven you never get anywhere being a coward. Why are you commenting anyways your the biggest troll on this site

Baccra2814d ago

Thank you for stating the obvious Raven. Don't mind the others, they are drunk on the kool-aid.

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"I think it would be funny to see how these security experts would handle it if they were getting attacked by hackers on a massive scale"

Well one of these guys does make a great point

From the article...

"Another issue Sony faces, according to Lapidous, is whether or not the data that was accessed in the breach was read-only. "The current discussion didn't address the possibility of attackers being able not only to read, but also to modify unencrypted information (for instance, changing email addresses to make it harder to notify affected customers). It could happen if attackers acquired privileged access to the stored files, or were able to issue data-modification commands to compromised databases," he told us."

I have not received a PSN security breach email from Sony yet, and I have been wondering the same thing.

Is it that Sony has 77 million emails to send out and has not gotten to everybody yet?

Or has some of the information been changed / corrupted to prevent warning to customers or as means to some other malicious intent?

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Thats the funny part. It's easy for them to sit there and talk but how would they react in the same situation? Honestly I like what the AVI guy said and I'm paraphrasing, "Hind sight is always 20/20. They're responsible because they could have done better, but in reality anyone can be hacked."

They are responsible but they are far from guilty. The haters are out in droves and thats cool, they seem to take any opportunity anyway, and it was pretty f*ckin stupid to leave old credit card data unencrypted. But in the end its the hackers that are guilty. They broke into the network and they stole from it.

Millah2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Most security experts like those constantly practice to deal with intrusions and hackers. Many leading security firms employ hackers to hack into their systems so they can get real practice and then see where their exploits are and how to handle it.

Seriously, what do you think security experts and firms DO? You should probably read the article so you can actually understand their criticisms against Sony, instead of getting defensive as soon as you hear experts criticizing Sony.

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psn...i miss you. hurry before it gets super warm out!

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