Pre-E for All: Corey Maggette and Derek Fisher Talk Games, Fatal1ty, and More

Are you guys a little fearful of the competition with Fatal1ty? You both know the game of basketball. He's typically a first-person shooter player but he's crossed into other worlds. Do you think this is going to be a pretty well matched up fight?

Corey: I don't know. He's the Michael Jordan of the video game world. We'll definitely have to step our game up.

Derek: I think it's gonna be a fun night. I think Corey and I will get a taste of what it's like when people watch us do what we do, that's what we'll find ourselves in. Playing games against Fatal1ty, the guy that's the best in the industry. It'll be fun and video games should be fun. You take it seriously and you want to win… We'll have to step our game up with him.

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