PlanetXbox360: Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Review 8/10

Movies like The Fast and the Furious have paved the way for import-street racing in this country. Since that day the videogame industry has cashed in on the phenomenon by releasing a slew of street racing games that go from great to terrible. The game that started it all was EA's Need for Speed franchise, after that there have been plenty of copycats but none have created anything that compares, until now. The first Juiced game was not anything to write home about, it was a decent street racing title but did nothing out of the ordinary. This time around the developers, and publisher THQ, have stepped up their game and created one hell of a racing game.

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InMyOpinion4070d ago

Maybe things have changed since the demo on XBL.

BloodySinner4070d ago

Juiced isn't a crappy game. The reason it has received low reviews from various sites is because it introduces nothing new to the street racing genre. Also, it's obviously not a game you would want to drop $60 on. It's more of a $40 than anything else.