AMY: Everything We Know So Far

Rely on Horror: "Lex Numerique’s upcoming survival horror title AMY is shaping up to be quite promising. We’ve seen a few screens from the upcoming title and we’ve received a small dose of information, but now recent previews have been cropping up giving us some more details on AMY. You’ll be able to find a summary of the main points below as well as an updated gallery with new screens. You can also check out the first piece of gameplay footage from the game."

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Omegabalmung2751d ago

So looking forward to the game.

Corrwin2751d ago

Lex Numerique didn't mean a damn to me until I played the Red Johnson Chronicles: a great noir detective game that reminds me of Blade Runner.

Looking forward to their next game, and I do love a bit of survival horror!

Snappy2751d ago

Looking forward to this too looks promising, and from the guy that made flashback. And i agree Corrwin Red Johnson Chronicles was a great detective game, reminded me of Cruse for a Corpse but better lol.

KingofGambling2750d ago

Is this game exclusive to the PSN or just timed

stuntman_mike2748d ago

in the video they were x360 buttons so i reckon timed, but seeing as the psn is down it will probably come out at the same time on both. also wouldnt mind trying out the red johnson chronicles.