Platform Nation - Gaming Confessions: PSN Outage

Platform Nation: Okay I am beginning to cheat with these confessions, this isn’t so much a confession as just a chance for me to jump up onto my soap box and add my 2 cents on the ongoing situation that is the PSN Outage.

Now before I start I think a full disclaimer is in order; I own all of the home consoles i.e. An Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii although admittedly it is the 360 that gets the majority of my game time for the reason that I have the largest collection on that console and prefer achievements to trophies (it’s fickle I know but it’s just my opinion) and my Wii pretty much gathers dust. These are not the words of an Xbox fanboy and I do not intend for this to devolve into a “my console is better than yours” debate nor have I done this simply to capitalise on a bad situation and gain more attention for myself. Disclaimers aside, it’s now time for the main event.

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