Sucker Punch confirms: nothing new to announce at E3

PSFocus writes: There where some rumours about Sucker Punch announcing a new IP at the E3 in june, but this is not the case. In a interview with us, Kenneth Schramm from Sucker Punch gave an explanation.

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LOGICWINS2753d ago

Hmm..I was hoping for an announcement of more UCG creation tools(like LBP) in the form of DLC. If not at E3, I bet they'll mention something like this later in the year.

Syphled2753d ago

They can still anounce some more UCG tools. This is more about rumors around a completely new IP, which isn't the case. :)

Electroshocked2752d ago

Guys, it's UGC (User Generated Content) not UCG...

NukaCola2753d ago

I was hoping for a Sly 4 teaser

Syphled2752d ago

Maybe some announcement about Sly 4 at the GamesCom.

Nate-Dog2752d ago

In fairness it looks like SP (as usual) are going to try and stick to one project at a time if they can. Chances are (if this is the case) maybe a month or two after the release of Infamous 2 we'll finally get a formal announcement on Sly 4. Been waiting for that announcement for years and just knowing it's coming after the teaser on the Sly Collection was found is enough. :)

Motorola2752d ago

Oh please, DAVID JAFFE SAID THE SAME THING. and look what happened.

digimau2753d ago

Not Problem Coming Soon for GDC...

DrRichtofen2752d ago

Oh they're just saying that so that they could surprise us at E3 with an announcement

slinky1234562752d ago

Liars... at least I hope they are cause I want Sly 4 :)