WaxWorks Builds Blu-ray Promotional Kit

Distributor WaxWorks VideoWorks is offering accounts a meat-and-potatoes promotional kit to help explain next-generation DVD technology Blu-ray Disc to consumers.

"It's somewhat expensive for us to do, but we can do it for a lot less expense than can the retailers," said Kirk Kirkpatrick, president of WaxWorks' video division. "They need these tools to be able to educate their consumers, and many of them have questions themselves that haven't been answered."

The POP kit includes two theatrical-sized posters, three lanyards for store employees, a demo disc (that plays in a regular DVD player) and five brochures. The materials highlight differences between the current DVD technology and Blu-ray, such as how the new packaging appears on shelves, as well as the enhanced video quality and interactivity.

The materials are free to WaxWorks customers, and Kirkpatrick said the company will be sending one kit to each of its sell-through accounts.

The company will not offer a similar promotional kit for HD DVD.

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