Warner Bros. Getting More Blu

Warner Home Video is calling it a "titlewave" and it spells nothing but good news for Blu-ray Disc fans.

Blu-ray viewers don't have access to some Warner 20 titles that are available on HD DVD. But with the announcement of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines on Blu-ray Dec. 4, there's hope. The announcement promises "more high-def releases soon" and the Blu-ray of T3 will include an In-Movie Experience, Warner Bros. first picture-in-picture (PIP) BD.

Daniel Silverberg, VP of HD media development for the studio, had this to say:

"We remain hopeful that Blu-ray hardware manufacturers get Profile 1.1 and BD Live (profile 2.0) players into the market place soon and the user base grows in order for us to deliver the same interactive and connected content on all high-def discs regardless of format,".

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darthv724111d ago

They should only make one package for their movies. That being their total hd. It would make users of all formats happy with blue lasers players (hddvd/bluray) as well as red laser players (std dvd) on one disc. Now everybody can buy the exact same sku for the movie and watch it on whatever they choose.

Bleyd4111d ago

That would be too expensive to manufacture.

blusoops4111d ago

it wouldn't be fair for those who ONLY want std. DVD...they'd have to pay a lot more for a feature they wouldn't even use.

cuco334111d ago

And it wasn't working for them. Probably cost since ANOTHER line would have to be done... Basically retrofit a DVD line for HD DVD and add BD line somewhere off of it.

Note that this 'slew' of WB titles on BD are delayed titles that are already on HD DVD and titles like T3 for example was deemed to be delayed to pack in BD1.1 features. Alas, T3 won't have these 1.1 features so who knows why they were delayed in the first place.

RunamukK4111d ago

So is warner on the blu side now where as they were exclusive to hd-dvd?

Rooftrellen4111d ago

WB has always been neutral, and will probably try to really drag out the war as much as possible when a winner is near, since they have their total HD format that they would no doubt love to push for everyone and make money by the bucklet load.

demolitionX4111d ago

what PIP and online features, give me a break, who gives the sh!t??!!!
give me the best picture and best sound quality, i want to the movie not online mumbo jumbo nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wake up people. is the 50BG not enough to put the online material on the disc and be available offine?? i wonder