Video Gamer's Thumb - A Real Medical Condition

The American Physical Therapy Association has advised healthcare professionals to be on the lookout for "Video Gamer's Thumb." This is a real condition that can have long-term effects on children's hands and upper arms if they don't take proper precautions, said Cindy Miles, PT, owner of Cindy Miles and Associates, a pediatric physical therapy practice in Whitehall, PA.

Continued stress on nerves, tendons and ligaments in children's hands and arms can lead to long-term consequences such as tendinitis, bursitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, she explained.

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bym051d4070d ago

I can't be the only who's experienced thumb callouses from playing too much.

Twizlex4070d ago

You need to play through the pain, build up a tolerance for excessive thumb use, and then you will eventually become immune to it. These kids just need to spend more time playing video games and they'll be fine.

bym051d4070d ago

Kids today are pussies. I spent hours when I was a kid trying to get E.T. out of pits on my Atari 2600. It's what made me a man today. ;)

Twizlex4070d ago

Pussies indeed. Stinky, stinky pussies...

ElementX4070d ago

Of course kids today are pussies. They have backpacks with f#*kings wheels and handles on them.

Twizlex4070d ago

Oh, not to mention they don't even walk anywhere, they roll around on those Heelys. I actually bought some of those like... must be 7 years ago now. Nobody had heard of them and I felt like an idiot (plus I couldn't do it right). Nowadays, half the kids you see are gliding around grocery stores and parking lots.

StuffRokz4070d ago

throwing sticks in front of kids on heely's. they could use the pain to toughen themselves up.

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The Real Joker4070d ago

This makes as much sense as "restless leg syndrome". What a complete load of BS

Twizlex4070d ago

No, restless leg syndrome is real. My wife has it. Basically, when you start getting sleepy, your brain sends jolts through your legs to make sure that you're just sleeping and not dead. You'd think your brain should know that you're not dead, but it at least gives me a valid excuse to call my wife stupid.

Proxy4070d ago

They'll have an overpriced sugar pill out one day to help prevent this illness...

The Real Joker4069d ago

Then let me ask you why did this not exist until about 2 years ago. Did this syndrome just suddenly appear or have people had "restless legs" for hundreds of years and did not know what it was? We were definately advanced enought medically even twenty years ago to discover this.

Twizlex4069d ago

I think it just wasn't advertised until 2 years ago. My wife has had it for as long as I've known her, and her mom has it too. I'm sure it's existed for a very long time, it just wasn't worth mentioning. I mean, you don't see commercials for Keratosis pilaris, or "chicken skin", which is basically when your pores turn red and stand out from the rest of your skin tone. My dad has that and he's 50, but I'm sure you've still never heard of it, right? Just because you don't know about something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Cat4069d ago

stuff doesn't exist until drug companies have something to give you for it. i know people with RLS, but they don't take out commercials for themselves advertising it, that's what drug companies do.

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SKUD4070d ago

Effects masterbation. Crap i've said to much!. lol.

Skerj4070d ago

How do people hurt their hands with the controllers today? These things are ergonomic and focus tested before making it to the mass markets. Take these kids back to NES days with that fricken brick of death we all spent half days playing on and come back and say it.