Will the PSN not come online before May 6 because of the Japanese government?

A lot of people expected that the PSN would come back online today or tommorow. The Japanese government however wants answers of Sony before they can bring the PSN back online.

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Kingsora2814d ago

Ow dear God, will we ever see the PSN online again. It has been a long time since I went online ^^

Joni-Ice2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

It doesn't mean PSN won't be activated before May 6. May 6 is the deadline as to when they want the questions answered. So if Sony answer them today then it fair to assume PSN could be activated tonight, tomorrow or whenever.

Edit: @ Kingsora...But you get my point though?

Kingsora2814d ago

But they have to make a report. I assume such a report isn't made in an hour considering how much information they have to give

Washington-Capitals2814d ago

The psn is not close to coming back online. There is no reason for sony to "secretly" turn in back online. If they were close to restarting it, they would have at least a target day. I think we are looking at at least friday for North America.

Dark_king2814d ago

@Washington-Capitals actually I suspect they will want to sneak it back online.To prevent server overload it would be best to turn it on wait a bit then let everyone know.

Joni-Ice2814d ago

@ Dark_King....I Agree! Its funny you mention that because I was just thinking about the amount of people who will scramble to jump online if Sony makes a announcement of activating the servers. It would make more since to turn it on allowing some to download patches then make an announcement.

ikkeweer2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

They have to do it before the weekend, otherwise I suspect it won't be until next monday.
I advise them to start with a small country like Holland to make sure it all goes smooth (no personal interest whatsoever, lol).

X-DominusRebellis-X2814d ago

PSN is like a girlfriend who just broke up with want to see her(it) and play with her (it), but you can't sigh...what a tease :'(

f7897902814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

If PSN is like a girlfriend, I can still play with her. She just temporarily doesn't like the idea of bringing other girls into the picture. Hopefully she'll get over herself and do what she was built to do.

Joni-Ice2814d ago


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Godmars2902813d ago

Do people understand that if Sony rushes to get PSN up when its not ready that it could be worse than if they had never taken it down?

Hell, this new security update might brink consoles for all we know.

Ps3_Unholy-sin2813d ago

lol hi i know how you feel about being offline from your ps3 i feel the same way to about mines i cant wait for them to bring it back up but till then ill be patient

bjh0892814d ago

dang i made a bet that it would be up by tmrw to well here's to hopin!

Hellsvacancy2814d ago

The other day my buddy loaned me Black Ops (its rubbish) i put the disk in as you do "Update Available" downloaded/installed it, didnt think anythin of it

So today (well, right now) i put GT5 in (its been a while) and theres an update "301mb"

Summin must be working, its a good sign of things to come

KingDustero2814d ago

There are separate servers used to distribute updates. Game updates have NEVER been effected by the recent shutdown of PSN.

barb_wire2813d ago

So, why can't game demo's be on separate servers too or the game's official websites?

In in this day and age there shouldn't be anything taxing as in downloading a demo to flashdrive and then installing it on the PS3.. seems stupid we have to wait for PSN to get back on it's feet.

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