Poll: Pets & Vehicles Desired In Home

So the first poll is finished on homexperience.blogspot and here are the results.......

- Pets & vehicles 44%
- More functionalities for the apartment 26%
- More games like chess, checkers,... 19%
- More arcade games 15%

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bym051d4070d ago

Here's the result from another poll.

Would you rather Home finally be released before they worry about fru-fru crap like pets and vehicles?

Yes - 99%
No - 1%

CaliGamer4070d ago

Beat me to it man. Its like finish baking the cake before you begin to apply the icing.

socomnick4070d ago

That home stuff seems kinda sad in a way. :/ Virtual worlds are nerdy Then again I also think of mmos as nerdy.

Johnanderson4070d ago

i thought the "more arcade games" would have more votes

Cat4070d ago

yeah, one would think, but everyone wants puppies.

SacT0wnF1n3st4070d ago

This HOME thing is not gonna come soon enough.

Dmack794070d ago


lodossrage4070d ago

They DO need to bring this home stuff out a.s.a.p

I know the beta is suppossed to come out very soon and for everyone. But there is nothing like right NOW