Sony: Only 900 of the Stolen Credit Cards Were Active

Sony's network breach got even uglier yesterday afternoon when the company confirmed that the scope of the problem was even wider still, including SOE's network in addition to PSN. Nearly 25 million SOE accounts were compromised and 12,700 non-U.S. credit card numbers were stolen. Today, however, comes news [via] that most of these card numbers were not valid.

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zeeshan8102750d ago

My credit card is ACTIVE! -_-

slavish32750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Does the card being active matter? the problem is they were stolen!

P.S. oh and lloyd banks > the game> 50 :)

Christopher2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

As far as being susceptible to being used for fraudulent means, yes. Extremely important. Doesn't mean that the info wasn't compromised, but the good thing for Sony is that only a fraction of them were active.

ABizzel12750d ago

While being stolen was a problem, the bigger problem is that with your personal information, a true criminal will be able to order a new credit card in your name.

joydestroy2750d ago

yeah good news that not all of them were active

siyrobbo2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

yeah but wouldnt it have to be sent to your address? a name means nothing, theres loads of people with the same name as me

gamingdroid2750d ago

To minimize this sort of thing I use something called a virtual account. A new credit card number get's generated in my name with a expiration date between 1-12 months.

The only issue is that everytime I want to place an order, it always asks for a CVC code. When you have gazillion accounts, it is a chore to find it....

shammgod2750d ago

Royce 5'9" > all of them...

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Joni-Ice2750d ago

Mine had a balance of $0.00. It was a Rite Aide card.

xAlmostPro2750d ago

Again just because it's active doesn't mean it's been unecnrypted by a ahcker and even if it has they'll need the 3 digit CVC/Security to use it without the physical card :)

If you're worried just get a card replacement

ChronoJoe2750d ago

and also very unlikely that it's one of the ones that was stolen.

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solidworm2750d ago Show
DWOM2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

That ain't a lot... and the 'were stolen' cards doesn't mean the mofo hacker got money outta your bank since the cc # were encripted....

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DragonKnight2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

So, where are the pro-hacker, GeoHot loving, "my console should do whatever I want it to do" individuals now? Have they suddenly become struck with selective mutism or something?

Ddouble2750d ago

I actually forgot about them. They've been quiet for some time now.

BlackKnight2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Why do you think all hackers are in one massive group?

I support a consumer being able to do what he/she wants with his/her property. (Homebrew)

I do not support piracy.

I do not support fraud and/or stealing CC/bank info.

The world is not this simplified Hackers Vs. Corporation. Acting like it is so simple shows how little you know about the situation and the groups involved. It's the same thing with people not knowing the difference between Al qaeda and the Taliban.

Not only do you generalize hackers into a single group, but you generalize "supporters" into one group. Either you support hacking or you completely don't.

The world is gray, not black and white. Simplistic mindsets like this lead to misinformation and ignorance.

DragonKnight2750d ago

You support people who take the original work and ideas of others, slightly change them or add to them, and then claim that work as their own? You understand don't you that piracy is a form of homebrew right?

BlackKnight2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Piracy is a form of homebrew? You have no idea how source code and programs work do you?

You have no idea what homebrew is. You just generalize that word as well. I suppose you think a mod like Counter Strike shouldn't exist? That the creators of the mod can take no credit in the work they did to modify the HL engine and assets to create a new game?

That is just one example of the general term of "homebrew". The term is usually used for programs that are modded or created on a closed system or a system that has no tools that are given to create or modifying the software. Homebrew Xbox 1's as HTPC's or linux servers or even running Windows. That's one example.

To think that I am wrong to support that kind of thing, that freedom (AND NOT freedom to steal games you did not buy or to mod a game to cheat) goes to show how closed-minded you and others are. Either blinded by fanboyism or lack of understanding of human rights and consumer rights and any ability to think about property and ownership and what they should entail.

DragonKnight2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Since when did humans have the right to take something they didn't create, keep the basics of that thing that make it unique, change it to suit their own wants or needs, then claim that work on their own?

You want to talk about Counter-Strike? How about the people who "modded" half-life make their own damn game engine and create Counter-Strike on its own based on its own merits hmm? Clearly they had the ability to do so and didn't. They got lucky because of Valve.

Don't try to bring up that hacking involves freedom. Open source coding should be the decision of the person who made the program, it isn't a right that everyone is privy to. Everyone should have the right to be able to have their own unique work and not have to worry about some loser coming around, taking what they worked on, and trying to pass off a slight change as original work.

Homebrew is homebrew. The act of making a console capable of playing pirated games IS a form of homebrew. Just because you choose to ignore that fact so that you can try and keep homebrew in some kind of moral highground and attach buzz words like "freedom" and "open source" doesn't make it any less of a fact. Try telling legitimate programmers trying to get by on their talents by creating unique programs that people have the right to tamper with what they made and re-distribute it as their own work.

To put it bluntly, Counter-Strike the way it is wouldn't exist without Half-Life, and just because Gabe Newell chose to look at the programming skills of those who changed his studios work, doesn't mean everyone agrees to that and could take the hit.

Grow up and open your eyes. People have the freedom to create anything they want, but don't try to take someone else's creation and pass it off as your own. I can take the mona lisa painting, paint a moustache on her and try to pass it off as an original work, but it's still the Mona Lisa and it's still Leonardo DaVinci's painting, and everyone knows that.

BlackKnight2749d ago


We have the right that when WE BUY SOMETHING that we own it, it is OUR property. Now, that doesn't mean we can start making a business out of it and sell the modded firmware. (However, you ARE allowed to mod a physical item and sell it, it's YOUR property to sell! Just don't set up a business selling modded property. But you are welcome to make money modding OTHER peoples property, so long as the mod you are doing is legal.) It applies to software as well. Just don't modify it and then SELL that new software you created without the original creator's approval.

So you are against modding of games. Wow. They (the mod creators) are not making sales on counter strike (CS). Valve later HIRED some of the devs and made the mod an OFFICIAL game for sale. CS, TF2, Garry's mod, BF2 Realism mod, BF2 Desert Combat, Morrowind mods, Oblivion mods, the list goes on of great things that have come to gaming from mods and you are against it and saying we are "lucky" to have Valve around, other devs support modding too.

Open Source? Do you even know what that means!?

Hacking or modding or custom work done on something you purchased should be allowed, just don't go selling it (especially when it's software). Mods for games require other people to ALSO own the game, so there is no loss in sales, they download the mod and install it on their OWN copy of the game or console. And these "losers" you speak of are hobbyists and talented people. You think modding a game is easy? A good mod takes a LONG time, years are spent, with multiple people helping with it. You have probably never even tried to mod to any degree to see how hard it is. You have no clue of the process.

Of course there are some idiots making consoles play pirated games, I already said that is not right and shouldn't be done. Sony should go after pirating and not try to strip the consumer of their rights to do what they want with their property (not play pirated games, but to install what they want and change it the way they want). These are not buzzwords. You seriously need to consider the freedom we have to do what we want with our property and not give it up to have a corporation tell you what you can and cannot do. Or tell you that you can't tell others how to. Pirating is illegal and THAT should not be allowed. And again, you have no idea what open source means, not to mention the fact I never said anything about open source, nice strawman argument. That programmer that sold his software (developer of game), would lose no sale. Why? Because I buy the game, I make a mod, I give the mod to OTHER GAME OWNERS (people who dont have the game can't use the mod, do you know how mods even work?) Same goes for PS3, they need to purchase their own consoles OBVIOUSLY. Again, PIRACY is wrong. So that programmer isn't sweating it. Do you think Valve or Dice or Bethesda were all bummed when mods were made for their game? NO because the mod user STILL NEEDS A COPY OF THE GAME.

What is this "hit" you speak of? There is no hit taken with CS. You NEED a copy of HL to play CS (when it was a mod and not made into a game by valve). So there is no loss in sales, if anything, it INCREASES sales because people who want CS need to buy HL!

Actually people have taken other paintings/art and produced art based on that. You can do it freely as long as you don't try to sell your art that contains other artists work.

You need to "grow up" and learn what critical thinking is and do research and understand the field you are trying to debate in. You obviously lack even a basic amount of experience in what it takes to program or what open source even means.

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