PSN Online in Japan: What About the Rest of Us?

Since earlier yesterday, rumours have been circulating that the Playstation Network has been brought back online in Japan. A quick call to Sony Customer Support will confirm these, but what about the rest of us?

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Fir3truck2723d ago

Good for them now if they could only get ours up.

smoothdude2723d ago

It is only a matter of time before everything will be back online. I am just glad that the rumours of 4 more weeks of no PSN are not true.

leogets2723d ago

yeah man i feel ur gaggin for crysis2 mp before it goes back to rental shop.its make or break weather its worth a purchase or not.if it aint back by tomorow ill never know ;(

TheStonedSheep2723d ago

Amen brother, gonna get me some Portal 2 co-op going on!

smoothdude2723d ago


I am thinking about getting Portal 2 as it is only 35 dollars on amazon right now. If Sony can get PSN up, I may pick up a copy of it.

TheStonedSheep2723d ago


It's a brilliant game, best £40 I've spent this year. Grab it, finish singleplayer, then you'll be onto co-op by the time PSN is back!

zeeshan8102723d ago

It's still not up in North America -__-

TheStonedSheep2723d ago

That was the point of the article, not long now though.

SKullDugger2723d ago

May 6th after they answer questions from congress and they receive permission to turn it on..

solidworm2723d ago

cmon Sony get Europe online

Graphics2723d ago

Usually firmware updates are on Tuesday nights or midnight wednesday, so maybe psn today or tomorrow?

bebojet2723d ago

If its true I won't sleep tonight lol.

smoothdude2723d ago

I guess when PSN goes live it will beat Xbox live records just because everyone has been waiting so long to play online.

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The story is too old to be commented.