Is the Wii Nintendo’s Greatest Console to Date?

Kotaku - Now that the Wii's time is nearing its end, I'm saying this: The Wii is Nintendo's best home console. When I say this, I speak from a Nintendo console line comparatively, not about how the Wii stacks up against its competition.

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Shok2728d ago

Innovation-wise yes. Hate on the Wii all you want, it's only HELPED.gaming by introducing gaming to millions of people. Its expanded gaming more than any other console yet.

DarkCharizard_2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Nintendo 64.

But yeah, with virtual console, Wii is the best console ever... ;D

dedicatedtogamers2728d ago

Uh, no. It lacked the 2D platformers, shmups, sports games, and RPGs that Nintendo used to have.

The NES is probably Nintendo's greatest console. Heck, that console was so good that the "crappy kids games" were even amazing (Duck Tales, Chip 'n Dale).

thugbob2728d ago


No way is the Wii the greatest console to date. The PS3 >>>> Wii any day... That alone is enough to say the Wii isn't the greatest console. I'm not saying the Wii is trash. It's a good console, but it's certainly not the greatest.

UltimateIdiot9112728d ago

It's about Nintendo not Sony. And no, I think SNES was Nintendo's best console.

Agent-862728d ago

@Shok, I'd say the PS2 had the honor of "expanded gaming more than any other console yet". PS2 not only had the casuals, like the Wii, but also core gamers with its more mature titles and quality 3rd party support (something most Nintendo consoles never really have). Sales of the Wii are nosediving and they have their new Project Cafe on the way. I don't see the Wii ever passing the PS2 in sales.

Peaceful_Jelly2728d ago

the Wii needs to sell at least 70m more systems to be just on par with the PS2 sales, let alone surpass it. There is no chance.

Dsnyder2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

That would be complete blaphemy to any nintendo fan who isnt 12 year old and has enjoyed nintendos better consoles. Hell Gamecube was better than the wii is. The Wii represents the sacrifice of quality for a gimmick in order to reach the peasent gamers who couldnt afford anything else at the time. There was better option out there and there still is. The wii has the least amount of effort put into a serious console to date.

CaulkSlap2728d ago

Absolutely the truth. The Wii has been nothing but a cash cow. Nintendo has raked in billions from ignorant masses falling for a gimmick. While all they were really selling is a repackaged and overpriced Gamecube. It wouldn't even be that bad if Nintendo reinvested the money into making tons of hardcore games and new franchises yet we've seen absolutely nothing unexpected.

Theyellowflash302727d ago

How is the Gamecube better when the Wii is completely reverse compatible with the gamecube? Plus lets look at first party content. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 better than Sunshine. Even New Super Mario Bros is better than Sunshine. Metroid Trilogy has all the game remastered in Widescreen and IR controls. Punch-Out, Metroid Other M, Donkey Kong Country Returns Much better than the gamecube DK. Super Smash Bros Brawl did everything Melee did and better. We got sin and Punishment and Kirby, A good GoldenEye not the crap on the GC.

And although the Wii's online isn't that great. Its better than no online at all. Games like Mario Kart, Monster Hunter Tri, and Conduit 1 + 2 have pretty good online modes.

Imalwaysright2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Nintendo did NOT invent motion sensor controllers, so innovation-wise no!

OT best Nintendo console imo is N64.

Venox20082727d ago

yes, they didn't invented them, but they introduced them worldwide.. and maybe if not them, no other company would take a risk to put them in a console gaming at all now everybody else are making money of motion controls and now gamers are talking "wow move is good, kinect is good" :)

TheDivine2728d ago

IMHO yes because it has all gamecube games(best ever like metroid prime, meal gear solid, zelda, symphonia, baiten kados) snes and n64 games on the virtual console, new platformers like mario, new dk, kirby, great games like other m, zelda, xenoblade, last story, symphonia 2, mh tri, fragile, cursed mountain, re 4, okami, maramusa, paper mario, mario galaxy, sin and punishment and tons of great games that get overlooked. Tell me thats not a killer lineup the only thing holdin it back is sub hd and weak azz online but def the best nin console. It also introduced the wiimote to the world and as the guy above me said got tons of new people into gaming and well wiisports is just plain fun. Nostalgia wise id say the n64 for goldeneye and mario which at the time were revolutionary. Despite what peeps say nin has TONS of great AAA games but because of the wiis weaknesses people wont play them. If cafe is real and as powerful as a ps3 it will be the real deal, nin gets alot of third party exclusives plus their first party games (im dying to see a real HD metroid prime and zelda).

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Emilio_Estevez2728d ago

It better be. It's been years since the last console was released, so there is no reason for it not to succeed them.

Agent-862728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

If the Wii is the best Nintendo console ever, then I guess I know why I've never own a Nintendo console and probably never will. For me, their consoles have always been just too kid oriented, with not enough mature games, lack of 3rd party support, hardware that's just good enough but never pushing the envelope, and the list goes on. Look at the specs of the Project Cafe: no HDD. A next gen console without a HDD!? This thing already sounds like a failure.

N4GAddict2728d ago

The Super NES is the best Nintendo console

Agent-862728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

@tigersnake86, I chose the Sega Genesis as my first console over the SNES for the reasons I stated in my original post (too kiddie oriented, not enough mature titles, lack of quality 3rd party games). Every generation since, I haven't owned a Nintendo console: chose the PS1 over the N64 and the PS2 over the Gamecube. They always just seem to be "wannabe" consoles and don't have the features I want. For the last decade, I've been primarily a PC gamer, but bought a PS3 two years ago as a "sidekick". It makes a great companion to my PC gaming. A Wii? Can't imagine it next to my PC/PS3.

eagle212727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

I regreted my genesis purchase after I had beaten sonic 2 and nothing on genesis was better than sonic 2. SNES had so many more classics all the way up to Donkey Kong Country. Hell, Super Metroid alone is the reason SNES was better than genesis.

Wii is my favorite this gen and it plays most of the greats from previous nintendo generations plus new classics like SMG2. But I love all Nintendo consoles as they've all rocked.

cochise3132728d ago

I'd say Snes or gameboy.

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