CVG: Splashing blood, sex toys and lager: Duke Nukem Forever contains adult naughtiness

CVG: CVG's just taken a look at the age rating for Duke Nukem Forever over on the ESRB... and it's every bit as vulgar as you'd expect.

There are some very slight spoilers in here, so if you want to stay pure for the Duke, look away now. If not, however, dig in. You'll be pleased to hear that glory holes and sex toy are present and correct.

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floetry1012778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

It's as amazing as I had hoped. No holds-barred Duke.

Now please release this in Australia without the controversy.

shades722778d ago

Adult naughtiness? In which universe is this regarded as Adult?

Flashwave_UK2778d ago

thats what i was thinking lmfao???

shades722778d ago

Come on guys, adult naughtiness would be 3D enabled -- breast fondling with Kinect, massaging ladies bits with Move and virtual dogging with Duke offering one liners and a score as you do it!

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