APB Reloaded open beta coming May 18th

Bjorn Book-Larsson has written yesterday on the official APB Reloaded blog that all the fans of the All Points Bulletin should mark May 18th as an official start of open beta of this ressurected MMORPG title.

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itsralf2822d ago

i heard about this game a few years ago but i still have no idea what it's about or if my laptop will even run it.

ATiElite2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

It's a weaker version of GTAIV multiplayer (the easiest way i can describe it) but somewhat different but you get the picture. The game actually came out, died a horrible death as the Devs went bankrupt, APB sucked BIG time, then APB got bought and now is being released AGAIN but with fixes.

Actually GTAIV PC MP is better because of all the mods. I saw an Alienware laptop running this but not sure what specs you have....just go to "can i run it" like everybody else does.

DeadlyFire2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

100 players, 1000 citizens wondering around in each server. Quests, random battles, etc. Cops vs. Robbers.

Bugs yes they are coming too, but in any MMO game there are bugs. Patches will be brought out to fix them. In time eventually it will be balanced out and awesome. MMOs like this are going to have some problems for a short while til first few patches get out the door. As they are anxious to get the game to the consumers so someone can fund them. As long as its not too riddled with problems at launch it should do alright. There are likely 2 builds of the game running right now. One that CB players are on and one that they are testing fixes on and implementing bit by bit.

Requirements shouldn't be too high. High end Core 2 Duo or any Quad core CPU from Intel is good. Not sure on AMD's specs. As for GPUs go anything 8800 or after should be fine from NVIDIA and Anything 3800 or after for AMD. Don't know their mobile counterparts. Just my speculative estimation.

fluffydelusions2822d ago

Didn't it die shortly after it released?

distorted_reality2822d ago

Yep. Was a shame that the gameplay wasn't up to the standard that the customization was.

b163o12822d ago

Crashed and burned!! Developers had an EPIC fail on there hands, everyone shunned it. Developers rebuilt from bottom, must be close to a re launch.

TheGameFoxJTV2821d ago

No one has mentioned that it's F2P this time. Last time it had a subscription fee. lol

moaradin2822d ago

I'm in the closed beta. It's a lot of fun playing with friends, but can be frustrating if you solo with randoms.

majiebeast2822d ago

Not ready for open beta yet there is still too many issues.

bozebo2822d ago

It will still be far too buggy and broken and just generally bad. Oh btw, the same devs that got RTW closed by making this clump of shit have been employed on another multi million pound project that they can destroy by ignoring QA.