Top Ten Budget Games

How many times have you handed over $60 for a video game that wound up at the back of the closet after only a couple of plays?

When you're gaming on a budget, even a single bad buy is one too many. Here's a set of hits for all gaming platforms that deliver prime-rib gameplay at scrag-end prices.

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MK_Red4111d ago

The Orange Box is the best choice, specially for people who haven't played original Half Life 2.

4111d ago
Bonsai12144111d ago

hmm, instead of madden 07, how about madden 04. 2 bucks at EB or gamestop. best madden yet.

and yeah, wii edition of RE4. AMAZING. playing through it again on my friend's wii made my blood pump again. its a steal.

also, castle shikigami 2, ten bucks, new. raiden iii, 20 or 30 bucks. great games if you love shmups

Kulupoo4110d ago

well my best budget game is Earth defense force 2013 for the 360 or something...
lol I pay $7 and is the most fun you can ever have with 7 dollars