Sony cuts price on PS3 - is it enough?

From CNET:

"What do you think? With the Xbox 360's reliability problems, is $400 the magic price point for the PS3 and its built-in Blu-ray player? Or are the games what matter in the end (i.e., Halo 3, BioShock, and the upcoming Mass Effect)?

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ReBurn4018d ago

There's more to this than price. Ultimately it takes games. But Sony's finally gotten the ball rolling on software, so I expect great things. I think the market has already proven that $399 is a sweet spot for people to buy if there are games available to play.

wil4hire4018d ago

Ratchet & Clank
Heavenly Sword

Thats plenty for the holiday season.

Boink4018d ago

but up against the big guns from MS it is not enough.

and I wouldn't advertise lair...

and they are advertising heavenly sword.

people still don't see it as a games console, they need much more, and they need a big gun or two FAST. unfortunately GTAIV, FFXIII, and MGS4 are not due out till next year.

Syko4018d ago

I don't think $399 is a sweet spot. Still to this day I run into people still with PS2's and they won't get a 360 because $350 is still to much for a console, even though they really do want one. I believe $399 is what the market will bear but I still don't think it is a widely accepted price range for a console.

It will help the PS3 a lot. But I still think this generation won't see the bulk of it's sales until Sony and MS get around that $199-$250 mark with the 40gig and Premium...(not the Arcade pack)

Cat4018d ago

i agree, and a good illustration of that is how well the PS2 continues to sell. for the casual gamer/families, the price isn't right yet on either console for people that don't care so much about "next gen". when i urged a coworker that loves halo to get a 360 he just laughed, until the price drops he's happy with his xbox.

bym051d4018d ago

I don't think advertising Lair is bad at all. Lair comes across in video as an awesome game. If people buy it and buy a PS3 for it, they won't figure out it sucks until after they have the PS3. ;)

SKullDugger4017d ago

better read the NPD sales figures for hardware and software sales for September!!!!!!!!! PS3 remain at best 2nd.

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unrealchris4018d ago

they need to put more commercials and educate the consumer on what the ps3 is

drtysouf214018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

their are enough games out now and around the corner to satisfy just about anyone or to at least hold them over till the High Profile releases such as FFXIII & MGS4 are released.

People forget that the 360 Premium debuted at $399 and it didn't have any great games for awhile either yet it still sold at that price point. So why are so many people doubting if the $399 PS3 will sell?

Also the whole backwards compatibility thing is not a big deal people that bought the 360 core don't have b. c. unless they upgraded and purchased the hard drive for $100 more.

Also I'm sure their are many people out there that have Home Theaters that will be looking at this as the lowest priced system that plays blu-ray with many media capabilities.

People have wondered if this price point is enough to get gamers to purchase but they have forgotten about the people that just want low priced blu-ray functionality to play High Def movies.

I don't know the ratio but lets say out of 10 million 360 owners 8 million have the premium which they bought at $399 well if 5-6 million people already bought the PS3 at the higher price point where do you think the PS3 will be in a year from when the 40GB is released on Nov. 2nd?

Bloodmask4018d ago

Most consumers bought PS2 when it was around the $199 price. This is the spot where mass market "purchasing" comes in.

Both the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii are closer to this price. Not to mention the games catalogue for 360 is much more robust than the lineup of games for the PS3. Well known IP's are what push consoles, not new IP's. Just look at how Halo 3 has pushed 360s for the month of September. The same will happen when Super Mario Galaxy is released for the Wii.

Price and "games catalogue" are what matter. Not just price alone. All the new IP's that were supposed to push PS3 sales have not.

Meus Renaissance4018d ago

Why do I get the impression that if Sony dropped the price of the PS3 to $199 people would be calling them desperate

chester4018d ago

it's getting to the point now that everything sony does is being met with "they're desperate", even if that's not the case.

MS would drop the price down there anyways if sony did, like they will inevitably drop the price because of the moves by sony. in this industry, the first move is always desperation while the second is reactionary.

DrPirate4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

I agree. But just let me say:

New IPS are what create established IPS.

I think, not only are new IPS like Bioshock, Mass Effect, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed and Rockband important...They're essential to the future of the industry. I certainly don't want to be a gamer in a world where every game is a sequel, or based off the same old character (Primarily the same reason why I left the Nintendo camp).

I give you permission to call me a hypocrite because I'm buying Ratchet and Clank: FToD, MGS4, Guitar Hero 3, and I'm looking forward to the third God of War, all of which have "The same old characters (Gameplay in Guitar Hero 3's case)".

People can say Lair sucked, but at least they were attempting something new with an experimental control scheme.(It's just too bad that something new turned out to be all their old games wrapped up in dragons skins with bad controls)

drtysouf214018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

at the higher price point and with no Huge releases, competition from Wii and 360, negative media attention, barely any marketing.

But you think $399 is not enough?

Myth4018d ago

So the 360 has more games, the only game I would buy if I had a 360 would be Gears of War. I played Bioshock and it is not that great at all, trust me on this PS3 owners. 360 owners add Bioshock in there cause it got high ratings and the people that havn't played don't know any better. Please give some games the 360 has that are awesome, I don't care for Halo or Racing games. The Wii is coming out with 4 times the number of games next year then both the 360 and PS3 does that mean the Wii is a better buy?? If the 360 had more great games to play I could see your point but like I said the only game I would buy would be Gears.

chester4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Gears is not the only thing on the 360 and everyone knows that. every system has it's strong games. i have 31 games for the 360 and love every one of them. many of them are multiplatform games that i enjoy more on the 360 because of the controller (oblivion, graw2, fear, etc) and sports games (nhl 08, madden 08, mlb2k7, skate) and then some of the exclusive games like bioshock, which is amazing, guitar hero 2 (yes i know it's on ps2), forza2 (despite you not liking racing games), viva pinata (a great $20 game), overlord, etc etc. even some of the cheap older 360 games like condemned and gun are really fun games that you can get for under $20. and there are many, many more games then this. these are just a few of the games i've really enjoyed.
the ps3's library is growing and they have some fantastic titles upcoming (i'd trade my left nut to get littlebigplanet now). right now i have warhawk, which i freaking love, and sigma. i had resistance and traded it for NG, and rented and went through heavenly sword. but since i tend to go to the 360 for all of the multiplatform games, that's all i have. sony's library will eventually become massive and entertaining, but for now don't try to disparage the 360's lineup just because you don't like MS or whatever retarded bias you have. gears is just one cog in an amazing lineup of games.

Seraphim4018d ago

if anything I'd say Gears of War isn't all that, Bioshock is though. Sure Gears is pretty but the gameplay is awful!! I'm about to give it a second chance once I wrap up Blue Dragon but as of right now, IMHO Gears of War is hardly anything special. Kill.Switch was a much better game mechanically...

The fact of the matter is that both consoles have about an equal number of titles worth noting; imo. Then there's obviously the multi platform games that you know will be on both consoles, and are. But when it comes to exclusives the 360 and PS3 are pretty close to even. It's more or less a matter of preference from that standpoint right now...

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PS3 Limps on and on4018d ago

I don't think it's gonna take over XBOX 360 suddenly, but it's a step in the right direction to get more competitive.