Barrel Roll! Podcast #114 – “Spacesassin’s Creed”

On this week’s “Barrel Roll! A Video Game Podcast”, Jonah and Jesse are joined by Adam. But not that Adam.

The brothers Gregory have a special guest in the form of Adam “Tidegear” Milecki from Rockin’ Android. The three come together to discuss the hacking of PSN, revelations on the new Assassin’s Creed game, the 3DS Ware store, and lots more.

In “what we’ve been playing”, Jesse and Adam give us a breakdown of Eschatos, Judgement Silversword, and Cardinal Sins, three SHMUPs on one sweet imported 360 disc. All three of the guys have given Outland a try. Jonah gets his fight on with some Mortal Kombat and WWE All-Stars, and goes to his backlog for some Rocket Slime.

All this, plus the new game releases of the week on episode #114, “Spacesassin’s Creed”.

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