Are game review scores meaningless now?

Msxbox-world takes a look at how review scores have very little clout in today's market.

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user94220772752d ago

Sadly, that's what many publishers only care about these days.

Also, I really couldn't give a crap about the review score; I read the review fully and base my choice on that.

LOGICWINS2752d ago

Yeah same. The words the reviewer writes means more to me than the score.

And when the reviewer says that theres something he DOESN'T like about the game, I see if this "flaw" applies to me.

Certain things that are cons to some people may not bother others.

MaggieA2752d ago

I don't think any review has ever stopped me buying a game I was interested in.

christheredhead2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

game scores have always been meaningless to me at least. i enjoy reading reviews and watching video reviews but hardly do i take the score into consideration. its a good way to get a basic feel of game in general just by looking at a point scale but it never affects my purchase just on score alone. even more so, the scores for titles vary wildly. its pretty common to see perfect 10's as well as 2's and 4's all on the same day which is hard for me to take seriously.

like i said, i enjoy reading reviews and watching reviews to get a general or overall feel of how the game works and functions but the score at the end of the review is irrelevant to me. when its all said and done its really just 1 gamers opinion that shouldn't be taken to heart.

MaggieA2752d ago

But what makes you take into consideration one person's opinion over another? Like you said, the scores can vary greatly, and as the article points out, there's little uniformity in the review process across sites and magazines.

Blkjournalist2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

When so called journalist like this are involved, or when certain sites have contracts with console makers then ..... yea lol

This is off topic but the gaming community needs to know about this. Torrence Davis ( staff and Hiphop Gamer have been caught lying on his podcast since some of the early episodes and there over 100+ episodes.

The link Provided is based on a staff member and his name is "Fats" (ALEX BERNHARDT)he lied about being a game developer on the warzone and Torrence and his crew knew he was lying the entire time. They used him to shut anyone up who had someone negative to say against the xbox 360 or any other idea or bullshit Torrence wanted to shove down listeners throats.

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antauwnehart2752d ago

Game reviews have been meaningless since last gen!the only thing their good for this gen is getting fanboys all rowdied up in their little console war about x game killing game y! But! but! Our game has a higher metacritic score lmfao!

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The story is too old to be commented.