Can Obsidian Turn Fallout New Vegas Around with Three New DLC Packs?

Unhindered by last week’s Fallout: New Vegas patch mess, where a patch caused players to have problems with their save files to the point where the game was unplayable, Bethesda and Obsidian Entertainment are moving forward with their plans to release monthly downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas.

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DanSolo4831d ago

What's this game like now?

I keep hearing it is too bugged to bother playing, but has that been sorted out now?

Led-Zeppelin4831d ago

Just about, pretty rare to find any bugs now.

Ocelot5254831d ago

it's playable, but bugs are certainly not rare.

4831d ago
Dark_king4831d ago (Edited 4831d ago )

Ocelot525 really many bugs are still there.However yes its wroth playing.At least I can say that for the PS3 version I have no clue about the 360 version.It should be fine also if they released the patch to fix the save issues.Losing a save you have put 30-40 hours into does not bring happy thoughts.

@Ocelot_X_ he didn't lie its the truth.I see bugs all over the place an Im not talking about Radroach's.But I can say since the last update its froze up on my slim a few times.But I haven't got booted back to the XMB yet.

TheDivine4831d ago

never had any bugs plays great

Bear_Grylls4829d ago

I'm not running any EPIC PC rig but I have never had a problem with NV from day one and the patches have only brought extra goodness to the PC version.

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DavidMacDougall4831d ago

I'll wait till there all together in a nice GOTY for 20 bucks.

NYC_Gamer4831d ago

they should release some free dlc for everyone who brought this buggy piece of shit

Bear_Grylls4829d ago

You chose a console port and thats what you got.

Dairy farm drug for human use WWWOOOOOHHHH!

DeleteThisxx4831d ago

I didn't experience many bugs the first time around playing this game. Granted, few freezes here and there, but I expected that. I guess I just lucked out.

Either way, I'm excited for this DLC. I thoroughly enjoyed this game but I couldn't do everything I would have liked to due to college. During the summer, I plan on going back to this game and playing the living shit out of it.

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Games That Were Bad on Release, But Are Now Great

BLG writes, "Some of the most popular games have had a rough start, with some of them being downright unplayable.

Despite that, developers have managed to turn it around for them and make their game worth playing. Here are some games that had a rough start but were pretty great."

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Terry_B82d ago

Good list..hoped to see Street Fighter 5 there..and it is.

Vits82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Sea of Thieves... I'm not disagreeing that the game has improved in terms of content. But I feel that the most significant change between now and its release is actually the public perception. Nowadays, most people are aware that the game is a multiplayer PvP-focused experience first and foremost, and not "Black Flag made by Rare". Consequently, people dismissing the whole experience because the single-player aspect is lacking or the story is plain are much less common.

darthv7282d ago

Several years ago, i submitted an idea to Rare that would change up the mechanics of battling opponents in the game. whereby if you died in battle, you turned into a skeleton warrior and had to fight your way back to the land of the living. It was an interesting twist on respawning and would allow the player to experience both sides of a battle.

I keep hoping to see something like that get added to the game.

Kaii82d ago

They consider FO 76 & ME Andromeda to be great now 🤭

anast82d ago

Every game in the last 2 decades...