E3 2011 Preview: What Will Microsoft Be Showing Off This Year?

With the rumors surrounding Nintendo's latest console, all eyes are on them as we get closer to E3. Sony also has a bit of the spotlight on them as they will most likely be showing off the NGP this year. But what is Microsoft up to? They got a lot of buzz when rumors of what fans call the XBox 720 is on the way, but things have quieted down since then. So then just what does Microsoft plan to show off at their presentation at this year's E3?

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antauwnehart2815d ago

Lol you guys are pretty funny!

lazertroy2815d ago

Halo 4 and other exclusives
Surprises have no idea but it will be big not really any game they can steal from Sony

mcstorm2815d ago

Im looking forward to ms e3 this year last year was what i expected to see from them a flood of core games like reach, alan wake fable 3 ect and kinect was what i expected from them all games to play together with family and friends. But this year i want to see the core games that have kinect support and also being able to take full control of the 360 dash with kinect. I dont expect ms to show off a new console this year i expect that next year. But i would expect to see them doing something with the 360 and windows phone 7.

KMxRetro2815d ago

I think this year's E3 will be bigger for Microsoft than most people expect. No, it won't go as big as Sony (NGP) and Nintendo (Project Cafe) - but I think that they'll show some brand new software that truly uses the power of Kinect.

Also, folks would be remiss to just focus on Microsoft's presentation this year. Ubisoft and Activision are sure to show some interesting Kinect software, too, and we'll likely see EA take their first steps with Kinect via some more casual titles.

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