Pro Evolution Soccer: Interview of Seabass

During the GC, Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka, accompanied by Aki Saito granted an interview to, here what one can retain:

Seabass attended the world cup in Germany,he personally saw 5 matches and found them very inrersting. For him, the best match was Argentina-Serbia (large paperboard of Argentinian). In short, this world cup influenced very much the European version of PES 6:
- In PES 5, when you blocked the ball it was very difficult for the adversary to regain it without making faults, that will depend now on the physical power of your player, and you on the pes 6 !
- Seabass also finds that in PES 5 all teams managed to play the ball in a similar way, whether you take Brazil or Austria... All this will be readjusted!
- Lastly, Konami will re-examine the positioning of the defenders, which influenced him since this world cup.

For the online mode, now: concerning the PS2 (and perhaps the PS3)

- One will be able uptil 8 players at same time using the multi tap adaptor for ps2. PC and PS2 will be brought together for the first time in network !!! If that proves to be true, here which is announced excellent!

- Konami will try to put stats, teams and others stuff to download and update via online on next-gen consoles ...

According to Seabass, DualShock 3 is the pad more adapted to play PES, and the PS3 should be the basic platform for the development of the PES.

To finish, Seabasse called with recreation that Winning Eleven could change name, to avoid Winning Eleven 11...

when asked about the exclusivity on 360 here's what he said:
,Aki Saito: Sorry, but I have to say one thing about the Microsoft presentation. The presentation was misleading. We never said exclusive for one year for the next generation. We said this year. We were agreed that it was this year.'

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360Borrowedtime5368d ago

Haha there so desperate those MS fanboys, always jumping the gun, hey what they gonna say now! I mean they believe anything MS tells the, they have a nerve bashing Sony for that!

The Real Deal5368d ago

Anyone can easily assume if Fifa 2007 and Pro Evo 2007 will "ONLY" be on the 360 as far as next gen consoles go, that 2008 with be the next games late 2007. So essentially ps3 won't get next gen soccer till the next versions come out. And yes they are working on the ps3 versions now. It takes at lease a year of developement to bring a game out for a system. So while they are working on their next soccer game for the ps3, it won't be released till Spring at the earliest and Fall most likely. Microsoft Didn't lie. They assuemed which in turn mislead. But it still stands that next gen soccer will only be found on the 360. Both versions are special to the series and the current gen consoles won't even be close, with new engines, ect. Ps3 fans will have to wait till the next game in their soccer series gets released. That is big in Europe and Japan. They love their soccer games. On average they sell 3 to 4 million copies of each game. Thats 6 to 8 million gamers that are serious about their soccer. Not to say they will all buy a 360 just to play the much advanced versions but some surely will. One consumer at a time is MS's goal. If the 360 sells one more than they did with the xbox previously, then they win. If sony sells one less. They loose. Companies build on name brand and market share. Its not good news to loose market share. Even if its by one. But all annalyst agree that the next gen console war will be neck and neck. And thats Great for Micorosoft and Bad for Sony. I just wish November would come already. Emergence day is upon us. Gears of War. The next big thing in video games. Could it get bigger than Halo? Will it overshadow the ps3 launch? I think so. And we shall see.

360Borrowedtime5368d ago

If sony sells 1 less they loose go on and tell me how that works, considering there console is like $600, if they sell more than 50M i say they win, people don't respond to what he said, he's trying to use a trick, he's trying to get us to say the only reason PS2 sold so much is because people bought multiple copnsoles, BS i had a PS2 since near launch and it still works, not as well as it once did, but it still works good, get it, got it, good lol lol lol lol Sucka!

achira5368d ago

ms are a bunch of fycking liers.

JIN KAZAMA 1875368d ago

Just respond to this part of the article.

",Aki Saito: Sorry, but I have to say one thing about the Microsoft presentation. The presentation was misleading. We never said exclusive for one year for the next generation. We said this year. We were agreed that it was this year.`"

Respond to the part where he say, MS was misleading, that is a nice way of putting it, that they were lying.

Respond to the fact the MS was misleading the puplic. They MISLEAD. Get that thru your thick fanboy skull, that they LIED and MISLEAD.
The freakin creator of the GAME is saying MS MISLEAD everyone in their conference.
Jeez, what is wrong with you.

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