Sony under fire: Investors launch scathing attacks

Howard Stringer the well known President and CEO of Sony is backed into the corner with an industry taking shots at him for the companies recent failures regarding data losses. A former Sony shareholder has said: "The leadership of Sony is not in a good place right now, which could lead to Stringer stepping down and may sabotage Hirai's chances of succeeding as the CEO ". Things are not looking so good for the company right now with more to read below.

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Flashwave_UK2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

dam wtf thats kinda sad :( when sony thought they were having a good year it all goes wrong dam so many epic exlusives this year what a way to spoil all of that. FUCK YOU HACKERS
@ (guy below): LoL wut????

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Istanbull2729d ago

I'm confident that Sony will come out of this stronger than ever. Make.believe

Denethor_II2729d ago

@ Istanbull. That made me a bit emotional, God bless you son.......God bless you.

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user8586212728d ago

lol wow........awkward...

AAACE52728d ago

Don't worry... exclusives will fix everything!


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catguykyou2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

How was the comment above trolling? I make a logical statement that doesn't show bias. I didn't call out anyone nor did I try to generate rage from other commenters. I'm seriously baffled.

"Don't worry... exclusives will fix everything!


However this is OK?

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Biggest2729d ago

Oh look! More idiots that can't find the real issue and try to make their own issue to justify their own selfish behavior. Sony sued no one for enjoying their purchased items. That was never the case. Laws should NOT be changed to allow new theft.

2729d ago
Biggest2729d ago

You wouldn't send a person to jail for walking into a store and stealing a BluRay either. I'm saying that the laws don't need to be made more lenient. If anything they should have new interpretations. You don't get to steal because "they still have it."

DragonKnight2729d ago

You're trying to justify hacking and piracy?

You basically just said that because you bought a piece of hardware you should be allowed to tamper with the software. IT'S NOT YOUR WORK!!! You can do whatever you want with the hardware because that's what you bought, and in so doing were given a license to use the software. But tampering with stuff that you DIDN'T create and DIDN'T purchase is AGAINST THE LAW!

Taking the original work of someone and changing it to suit your own needs then passing it off as your own work is ILLEGAL.

Taking something someone created, copying it, then passing it around for free or a lower price hurts the original creator. Explain how this in any way is good?

nskrishna22729d ago


Movies are somehow surviving on Netflix, Music; people are still buying on iTunes, and for the people who don't, they cover up the losses by endorsment deals and live performances

Can a Video Game do that?

Elwenil2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )


"But copying is not theft, didn't you notice that when you copy something, the person whom you copied it from still has it?"

So let's say I ride by your house and I see your car in the driveway and I like it. I just happen to have this nice replicator device in my pocket so I make me a copy of it and drive away. No big deal right? You still have your car and I have complemented you by copying it and driving one just like it. No harm done.

Now lets say that you made that car yourself and you make others like it to sell to the public to make money to support yourself and your family. And now I decide I want one but no, I'm not going to come to you and purchase one, I'm going to just replicate it and drive off. Whoa, now it's a big problem because you lose a sale. And you will lose a sale for all the ones my friends replicate off mine and the ones off those, and on down the line. Pretty soon you are bankrupt, can no longer produce your cars, can no longer support yourself and family and all your loyal customers that purchased your car legally now have to turn to another company to buy their next car. Eventually this will happen to other companies as they raise the prices on the legal consumer to offset the cost of the losses from illegal copies until few can afford them and the company goes out of business.

Piracy and theft by copying is the destruction of whatever industry it is involved in. If piracy is allowed to grow unhindered, the system will collapse. No more games, no more music, no more software. No one will be able to produce it since no one is buying it. Without paying customers, the company cannot pay their workers, designers, programmers, musicians, etc. Pirates are a cancer that must be cut out and eliminated for the good of all gamers, music fans and users of any electronic media that is bought and sold.

zag2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Oh cool so you won't mind me ripping you off when you make something.

So when you say that do you expected to be paid for any work you do at your job? or are you fine with working for free and not getting paid anything.

As gene simmions says "you can have a roof over your head for free but without money you can't put food on the table."

kane_13712729d ago

@ -_-_-_-_-_-_-

Music industry haven't you...

what ever, no point arguing with a kid

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Senden2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

@ Elwenil

Rofl, reading your response reminds me of the piracy episode of south park. You make it sound like piracy will collapse the world as we know it. Last time I checked the music industry was still filled with rich untalented hicks who have the audacity to call themselves "artists". Hollywood is still churning out loads of garbage films and ruining cult classics with depressing remakes and PC gaming is still going big.

The ones who get hurt are the ones who don't adapt. Music industry is doing fine thanks largely to things like itunes. The film industry is doing well thanks to online rental services which offer great deals for their customers and PC gaming is doing fine thanks to services like Steam.

Piracy was born and has flourished because of how our society works. The rich (movie/music industries) want as much money as possible while the poor want to save as much money as possible.

I don't think piracy is half as bad as anyone will have you believe. Out of everyone I know, with a few exceptions with some of my online gamer buddies, I'm the only one I know that has at any stage of my life, pirated anything and that was when I was in my late teens when I couldn't afford to buy everything I wanted. Now at 24, I never pirate anything because finally the industry is adapting making it more viable for me to watch/listen to what I want legally without the need to spend stupid money each month.

Then console piracy.. it isn't nowhere near as big as some of you make out. Look at game sales figures across the Xbox 360 and PS3.. go try and look for a game which had considerable higher sales on the PS3 than the 360.. you can't can you? With the exception of former playstation exclusive games like Final Fantasy, most multiplatform games have either higher sales on the 360 or roughly the same. It's just easier for Sony to go out and attack the gifted people who blow it's console open than to try and patch the problem. Ultimately this decision has cost Sony BIG.

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dantesparda2729d ago

And the Sony hate continues! If you read the comments left on that site, all the comments are just hate against Sony. I am no Sony lover or fanboy, the only Sony system i have ever owned is the PS3 (and that was 2 yrs after buying a 360). But the level of hate against Sony this gen is just ridiculous

Eyeco2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

you could say that, but you could also say that 80% of the time they've done it to themselves.

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babadivad2729d ago

I rarely comment(maybe 1st time ever) but there are far more Sony supporters on this site than anything else. They're fanboys from both sides but I'd say it's 65/35 Sony.

Kahvipannu2728d ago

Like Eyego said, most of time they've done it to themselves. I have no grudge against sony, but this gen they have not mostly kept theyr promises, and this security breach should not ever happened, so I can understand peoples frustration against it.

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WhittO2729d ago


Why shouldn't I cry about it?? I did nothing wrong, I didn't break the LAW but some other **** did and now me and other gamers have had our info stolen and no PSN service.

Why exactly shouldn't I cry about that again?

I don't know how you can say this is due to Sony AT ALL, would we even be talking about this had he not hacked the PS3 and shared it with others?? No.

TheRealWar2729d ago

Its very simple really, dont let your network get hacked in the first place.

"...would we even be talking about this had he not hacked the PS3 and shared it with others?? No."

Obviously not. But its happened and someones head must roll.

yavorsv2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Sony have disrespected and flat out robbed their customers and pretended that it was ok to do so. They are getting what they deserve.

Cenobia2728d ago


You are an idiot.

I bought my car, so I should be able to do whatever I want! I'll go as fast as I can and hit people crossing the street because the streets are for cars, those fudging morons!

This 'fight' is not about righteous hackers. They stole personal information (including trying to steal credit cards). I don't know wtf you are thinking but they aren't doing this for the greater good...they are doing it to cause panic for fun, and possibly make money off of the information they steal.

I can go 200 mph in my car if I do not use government roads (ie go to a track). You can modify your PS3 if you do not use PSN (an optional service provided by Sony). I do not understand how people can't seem to get this through their heads.

You have the option to buy a PC, so if you don't like what Sony does, stfu and stop buying their product for god's sake.

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solidworm2729d ago

Thats 5 seconds of my life i will never get back,zzz zzzz zzz

Oldsnake0072729d ago

5 sec are still better than 2 weeks

Falaut2729d ago

I clicked the article link. I knew I shouldn't have, but I did, now it smells like poo in my room.


Max_Dissatisfaction2729d ago

You guys should really think about installing a bathroom/loo

ironwolf2729d ago

Suggest you read the Reuters link at the bottom of the article.

Tired2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Sorry but he should man up, it went down on his watch.

He should resign.

Disagree? I love Sony but someone has to take the bullet, He's going anyway...

RememberThe3572729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

He should resign? Really? After all he did for that company? They might not even be around if it wasn't for him and he should resign because their network got hacked? I hate to brake it to you but any network can be hacked. But he should resign? Thats like saying a family needs to move out of the neighborhood because they got robbed.

People are blowing this way out of proportion. This will be fixed and we will be gaming again. Until then stop over reacting.

Tired2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

The fact remains that Sony dropped the ball.

Sony was this point risk assessment should have taken place. Sony should have hired people to find flaws in their network and take necessary precautions. Maybe they did I don't know.

Sony was firing a large number of people, people with inside intel on how the network works, I don't know how they do things at Sony but elsewhere people with this level of knowledge are usually phased out, kept on 'gardening leave' whilst inner workings are changed or until the sensitive information they are privy to ceases to be of any use.

Whoever it was and however they did it remains to be found out, perhaps we will never find out.

The removal of servers to another location suggests Sony are not 100% sure it wasn't an inside job. Maybe the fault lies with AT&T..who knows.

Unfortunately the buck stops with him, and I do believe that shareholders have the right to ask for his head on a stick.

I don't believe Sony should be subject to the amount of stick that they are getting, I believe the media are totally overreacting.
But the men at the top should be held accountable IF and only IF it transpires that they were lax or had not ensured that the company had done the UTMOST to provide due diligence to us the consumer.

I miss PSN x

Jazz41082729d ago

I have not sweated thi at all and have not missed a moment of on line gaming. That's the beauty od owning a 360 and a ps3.

Tired2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )


This isnt about's not about fanboys or brand loyalty. (SONY TILL I DIE! btw)

IT'S ABOUT BUSINESS. It's shareholders and investment. If stocks are falling then it's someones fault, they can oust him due to that fact alone.

It's their investment that they're looking after, they dont care about gamers or fantastic features, for them it wont blow over as quickly as it will for us...they dont get distracted by online multiplayer.

They WILL hold him's his job.