Destructoid Review: Ys I & II Chronicles

Destructoid - When it comes down to it, the few infrequent high points where Ys I & II Chronicles does something charming with the dialogue or engaging with the boss fights simply does not make up for the majority of the games being abysmal journeys through uninteresting labyrinths with little direction on what to do or where to go.

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frostypants2724d ago

So, this guy had no knowledge of the series or ability to appreciate its nostalgic aspects. Something tells me that they should have let someone else review it.

StitchJones2724d ago

I almost bought this the other day but got Duodecim instead. I am glad I didn't buy Y's now after reading this.

Etseix2724d ago

same here, thank you Destructoid for this awesome review, i always thought that this was going to have Crysis 2 graphics :/

banjadude2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

I have this game, and all the other iterations for the PSP. If you ACTUALLY have knowledge of the series, you'll like it. Even better, if you are an actual RPG fan, you'll appreciate it from the get-go.