Top Ten: Ways to cope with your offline PS3

Dealspwn writes: "PSN will be back online any day now (well… fingers crossed), but we need a back up plan for how to cope in-case this happens again. Ten important steps to safeguard us from making crazy decisions like going outside, getting sunburnt, or even staying home pressing the ’sign-in’ button, hoping it works for so long that you forget to get your girlfriend an Easter egg and end up getting a kitten from the farm down the road because it’s closer than Sainsbury’s. Her name’s Kairi by the way."

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Oldman1002729d ago

Top ten top tens about top tens

tehpees32729d ago

I mainly play offline because I like single player games

Oldman1002729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Same here, single player has always been the most important aspect of a game for me. It's just too bad this gen there's too much focus on competitive multiplayer. I'd rather have those resources go towards making the single player the best it can be and/or a good co-op mode.

jeseth2729d ago

MLB The Show, Dragon Age 2, Dante's Inferno, DJ Hero 2 (I know, I know, but its fun as hell), Sports Champions, GT5, 3Dot Heroes, Majin and the Foresaken Kingdom, Camelot (Starz), Spartacuz (Starz), and NetFlix are the 10 ways I've coped with the PSN being down.

After not playing online shooters for a while I realize . . . . we miss out on so much more when we are constantly chasing Rank, K/D ratio, Prestige, etc. playing the same tired matches.

taylork372729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

"After not playing online shooters for a while I realize . . . . we miss out on so much more when we are constantly chasing Rank, K/D ratio, Prestige, etc. playing the same tired matches"

Way to rationalize everything to make yourself feel better.

I'm currently missing out on Portal 2 coop. No Rank, K/D ratio or Prestige to speak of.

Rybakov2729d ago


how are you missing out on portal 2 coop......every psn user says that do you people not realize it has a splitscreen option where you know i dunno invite a friend over and play some games together 0-0 who knew there was such an option.......and i apologize for the rant i just am sick of everyone saying there missing out on it when psn is down when its not rocket science to call a friend up

jeseth2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )


Please don't make a statement that everyone understands the basis of and turn it into a personal insult by telling me . . .

"Way to rationalize everything to make yourself feel better."

FPS games have brought down the length and depth of SP modes, made SP games take on an MP when they really didn't need one, and forced a serious lack of innovation and advancement in the genre.

Obviously it sucks for people hoping to play co-op games (Portal 2, LBP2, Modnation, etc.).

Thanks for the immature attempt at generalizing me. You missed the whole point of my comment. Sticks and stones pal.

bebojet2729d ago

Same here but I enjoy KZ3 multiplayer, I bought Mortal Kombat and I still haven't played online and I'm always shopping at the PS Store.

joydestroy2729d ago

i've gone back and started beating SP modes on games where i was playing only MP lol.

i hope the PSN comes back up soon!

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1998gamer2729d ago

Well lets see...I beat Bioshock 1,Ar Tonelico Qoga, Resident Evil 5 GE, Portal 1.

Also playing SOCOM4,Darksiders,Bioshock 2
Even got in bike rides in central park on nice weekends.

no online? no problem.

Scyrus2729d ago

see this works for people who arent obssessed with black ops lol. those guys r just furious.

ive beaten deadspace 2 while its down, play some mvc3, work on my LBP2 level, hang with my fiance, gym, hang with friends etc etc.

people act like last gen was primarily online lol, or before that or before that etc.

people need to grow up lol

jeseth2729d ago


I bet every wife, finace, and girlfriend is pumped the PSN is down!

Maybe all of our women united to take it down?!

Scyrus2729d ago

??????? whaaaat lol. man your sexist haha.

I always hang with my fiance dummy.

she has a ps3,360 and gaming PC aswell, she wasnt happy about psn going down either since she plays too, but what are you going to do right?

lmao you assume my fiance was a videogame hating woman haha. we dont need videogames to have fun haha, plus play alot of offline stuff anyway

jeseth2729d ago

It was a joke man, relax.

A lot of women I know that don't play are busting our beans now that the PSN has been down.

It was just a joke to make light of the situation, thats all.

Venom2152729d ago

they should take all the time they need. as long as the network comes out stronger n better then ever.

BeAGamer2729d ago

PSN has already been out for 13 days
no more excuses!

Mikelarry2729d ago

in away i dont miss psn @ the moment as i havent got my internet connection up.

Denocao2729d ago

No PSN? No problem...

It's just me and the road for now.

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