Wii sales plunge; PS3, Xbox 360 afloat on Ebay

Sales for Nintendo Co.'s Wii plunged this week while Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 stayed afloat in the latest retail data from Ebay.

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Boink4022d ago

interest in the wii is falling...

thorstein4022d ago

Which is what the headline should read. The reason for it is simple, it is so hard to get a Wii that even finding them online is hard.

The Wii is still selling out at stores like Target.

This means nothing.

Rooftrellen4021d ago

Interest in Wii is falling when more people want to keep them? Interesting.

bym051d4022d ago

They really need some games... the Wii library makes the PS3's look like the Library of Congress.

remix4022d ago

because the price drop hasnt taken effect. but does anyone know if the 80 gig already dropped?

Baba19064022d ago

80b did drop on amazon, but they are not allowed to advertise it or something like that.

ItsDubC4022d ago

I'm pretty sure that the Wii actually has more games than the PS3. Someone correct me if I'm wrong tho.

cooke154022d ago

with one book in it? called resistance

bym051d4022d ago

I'm talking quality, not quantity. The Wii has tons of game. Most of them are utter crap. I own 3 games: Zelda, Warioware, and Harry Potter (for my wife).

Twizlex4022d ago

I'm pretty sure the Wii has almost as many as, if not more than, the 360 (which is more than the PS3). I saw a list of exclusives and the Wii has the most exclusives of all the consoles. Again, though, most of them are crap.

Brainiac 84022d ago

on your idea of quality. There are other quality titles out there for the Wii, but people judge them by the cover and automatically call them crap when it's not warranted.

I have several titles that I feel are of great quality, even though others don't agree, whether they play them or not. Plus, even without SSBB, the Wii has a great selection of games coming out during the next two months that will be of really high quality.

I don't understand this war going on and the bashing of systems. It's stupid and immature. It actually makes me wish we were back in a time without the internet.

bym051d4022d ago

It's not about bashing the Wii. I love my Wii and want some great games for it. I'm looking forward to SMG more than *any* other game coming out soon.

You have to admit though, with the Wii, there are few great games and lots of crap games. It's probably a result of people betting against the Wii initially and then trying to cash in without putting forth the effort.

Hell, the 2nd best (maybe 3rd with Metroid now) Wii game is just a remake of RE4 from the Gamecube.

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DrRage774022d ago

why do we even care how the three consoles are doing on ebay? it is not a retail store...70% of the consoles on there are used, so it's a majority of existing systems changing hands....i hate people that post stupid ebay "sales" as news.....

cooke154022d ago

this is exciting.. the sale of used wii's has dropped :| good for Nintendo means people are keeping their Wiis and selling there ps3 and 360's

crck4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

But the vast majority of Wii's on ebay are new. 470 compared to 96 used ones. Demand is dropping. It started in Japan and now its spreading to other regions. It is a shame though. I've actually made quite a bit of money selling Wii's on ebay. Kinda sad to see it coming to an end.

CadDad4022d ago

...related to how available the product is elsewhere. If it's able to be bought in stores it's less valueable on Ebay, and vice versa.

Didn't the article state that it's still in the top spot even though it's interest is falling?

Might want to wait a bit to doom it to obscurity. :)


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