IGN UK reviews Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 PS3

Seabass and his team have come good, then. Next-gen Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 captures the essence of the original games perfectly, gives it an HD injection and takes the AI to the next level. It's by no means perfect: the frame-rate drops when the screen gets really busy, usually during a quick clearance when the box is flooded with players or, occasionally, during a replay. But, when you're actually stuck into the action, it's likely you won't really notice or indeed care. Of course, some players will think that a drop in frame-rate on a machine as powerful as PS3 is an absolute travesty and, in some respects, they'd be right. But if a flaw as incidental as this prevented said players from buying PES 2008 altogether, they'd be missing out on the most realistic, intelligent and enjoyable football experience on console yet.

Overall score: 9.2/10

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sonarus4071d ago

already have mine pre ordered hopefully they ship it to the US in one peace. Thank you sony for not region lockin games:D

UnblessedSoul4071d ago

Mines already pre-ordered cant wait

Rama262854071d ago

I can't wait for this to arrive on my door step. 8 days seem too long... lol

Can anyone confirm if you can play with two(or more) people on one console online? You were able to do it on the previous one and I'm really hoping you can on this one too.

The Wood4071d ago

so ill be playing it on tuesday probably


*inhale, exhale*

pro evo will always be KING

Pikutara4071d ago

Gameplay 10

Nothing comes close to PES in terms of the way it plays and how connected to your team and players you feel during a game. Absolutely magnificent.


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The story is too old to be commented.