FPS Freek by KontrolFreek - Improving Your Game (Review)

The Game Fanatics: "If you need to improve your FPS game, the game controller accessory FPS Freek by KontrolFreek could be just what you need to up the ante. Even a veteran FPS gamer may have their skills improved with this affordable controller accessory."

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Val1s2819d ago

Well written, good review :)

--------2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I love the FPS Freeks. I bought them back when I used to play COD, put my sensitivity up by 1 point every 2 matches and got it up to 9 before I stopped playing it.

I got used to the raised thumb height within a few hours and ever since they've been indispensable. Set the sensitivity to max on Killzone 2/3 and turn high precision on and you're much faster than everyone else.

I'd definitely suggest the Vipr Ultra's or the prestige editions, they look much nicer (black) and they seem to feel less chunky. Also, the SpeedFreeks are a must have for any GT5/Forza/Shift/NFS player.

captain-obvious2819d ago

if you want to be a real FPS ((freak)) go play on a PC
then you can get some pin point mouse aiming action
AND faster and more responding feed back from your game

CrimsonEngage2819d ago

These things actually make the controller feels worse because it raises the hight of the thumb stick.

KwietStorm2819d ago

That's the idea. It adds precision (by way of more degrees) by raising the stick further from the central point.

earbus2819d ago

Kind of takes the fun out abit im so skillfull i need help.

Zynga2819d ago

Im sorry but those fps kontrol freek sticks did nothing to improve my gaming experience.

RankFTW2819d ago

I've been using these for about a year now on every game that I play and they make a huge difference on how much control you have over your character or car.

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