What we know about the Wii2/Project Cafe so far...

The IGN editors sit down and recap what they've learned about Nintendo's Wii successor, also known as Project Café.

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Menech2725d ago

Call it the Nintendo Donkey Punch and I will buy 10.

KwietStorm2725d ago

You'd think we know everything about it so far with all these articles every day.

ChickeyCantor2725d ago

Intel processor?
Nintendo bought some PowerPC stuff right?

Menech2725d ago

Not to mention the 360 processor is IBM, And am almost convinced Nintendo's new processor will be nothing like used in the 360.

The 360 used 3 single hyper threaded cores, which by towards standards are not only pointlessly expensive but also far slower then 3 cores mounted on a single dye.

Just IGN not having the slightest idea what there talking about although that's not usual

ChickeyCantor2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

PowerPC is done by IBM.
So is the Cell.

Menech2725d ago

Which means it's not intel I didn't say it was IBM?

ChickeyCantor2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

I'm not sure what you are getting at,
I had the idea you were implying that what they said was incorrect as 360 uses IBM and not Intel. The CPUs in 360 are PowerPC types.

I was just stating that PowerPC is IBM.

All 3 use IBM tech.

thethiny2724d ago

WII = Small there is a hack to turn a Wii into a pc....just add BIOS

ChickeyCantor2724d ago

How is that even related to "intel" or "PowerPC"?

Any computer can be turned into a "PC" --> personal computer as long you have the right software.

IGAMEHARD2725d ago

the controller seems very odd

cloud4952725d ago

Hopefully it has some awesome launch titles

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