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Link, meet Monet. He's going to be giving you a make over. A new Zelda, a new art style, a new adventure. Can you wait?

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zireno2724d ago

with the next nintendo system coming next year, do you guys think this game may be ported?!

cloud4952724d ago

I don't think so, Nintendo probably release this near project cafe's release date, like how they released Pokemon black and white before the 3DS was released

ChickeyCantor2724d ago

I bet they will just offer some download or something for their next console.

zireno2724d ago

But I was thinking more along the lines of twilight princess, it was developed for the gamecube but came out for both systems (wii and gamecube). It's just that I would hate to buy it for the wii and then have to buy it again to enjoy it in HD :(

ChickeyCantor2724d ago

I know what you were thinking, and it just seems logical for Nintendo to release it on the Wii, and then allow patches trough Next-N.

This would be the most logical thing they could do( but hey its Nintendo so lets just say it won't happen)

Mikeyy2723d ago

Thats a good question. Ported for Wii 2 with the maps backwards lol.

I can't wait for this game, Though I really really want Windwaker 2. I want the boat back!

zireno2723d ago

YESSSSS!!!! windwaker was a beautiful game, I miss traveling on the boat and just enjoying the ride, and there was always a small island to explore and things to discover.

mastiffchild2724d ago

Whatever, while i LOVE the series I really think it's a bit late in the day for the first Zelda made for Wii to be coming out. Sony and PD copped a load for the length of time GT5 took to emerge into PS3's lifetime and with TP being a GC title with tacked on Wii controls SS will be the first entry for Ninty's second most exalted series on their current gen platform.

I'll no doubt play it and love it but I dunno why GT5 and AW got so much stick for their dev cycles when Zelda gets none. Doesn't help that i detest the touch screen controls for the DS games like Ebola.