Is the 3DS already boring?

MMGN: The 3DS has entered the post-release lull that almost every new console experiences. The launch titles have been and gone and the next batch of exciting games is yet to arrive. However, the 3DS appears to be struggling more than that. Little over a month after its release, there’s no incentive to pick up the, still shiny, new console.

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dedicatedtogamers2727d ago

3DS sales have also bombed worldwide. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Shok2727d ago

It actually set the record for highest selling handheld on launch.

But the 3DS's games that we actually care about aren't even out yet. The console has only been out for about a month. There's tons of games no here yet, and there hasn't been enough time to see how Nintendo and other developers will use the 3D, cameras, gyroscope, etc in unique ways for their games.

Give it some time.

dedicatedtogamers2727d ago

Kinect is the fastest-selling gaming peripheral of all time and yet no one cares. It has no worthwhile games. The only people who defend it are those who spent $150 on it - no surprise there.

3DS is a bad direction for Nintendo. They're returning to the zany Gamecube era of games. The 3DS has committed the cardinal Nintendo no-no of focusing on hardware, which has always bit them in the butt.

EYEamNUMBER12727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

3.75 million out of 4 million in a little over a month is bombed?
math just became very irrelevant....

crxss2727d ago

I have a 3DS and 0 3DS games, so yes it's pretty boring just collecting dust. I'm really just waiting for some good games to show up... come on June ZOoT!

kingdavid2727d ago

Returning to zany gamecube era of games? Lol..

The gamecube was much better than the wii imo.

k-dillinger2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

yea the dreamcast broke records during launch and look how that turned out sooo try again..

its funny how ya'll disagree with dedicatedtogamers bc you know hes right.

CrazyForGames2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

i disagreed with him because what he said wasn't right

as EYE said how exactly is 3.75 out of 4 million in a little over a month a bomb? unless you guys seem to know something the world doesn't

basic math isn't that hard

there is a difference between the 3DS and kinect the kinect just has no games period the 3DS has games plenty of games they just aren't out yet

Ju2727d ago

Maybe it'll win another record as in fastest drop after release. Heck, even the DS sold more in latest numbers. This will be an uphill battle for Nintendo to sell this as the DS sucessor.

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Misterhbk2727d ago

I'd say yes the 3DS is boring right now. I own one with one 3DS game now ( samurai warriors chronicles) and it has gotten very boring. Currently the 3D on my 3DS is waiting for Zelda and the better third party titles to hit the system.

kingdavid2727d ago

Once the e shop is opened (this month sometime) then we'll all have somethign to play.

qface642727d ago

i didn't believe you and i did look it up and the internet also doesn't believe you

i wont get one until resident evil comes out but the 3DS itself isn't boring the games have to come out

back when the PS3 came out my brother got one at launch and we were bored of it because at launch lets face it there were no games out we were bored of it and had nothing to play that doesn't mean we thought the system itself was boring
then the games started coming out and well we all know where it goes from there

Millah2727d ago

What console doesn't get boring without SOFTWARE? I love how everyone equates the 3DS' lack of interesting launch titles to mean that the 3DS itself as a console is boring. Jesus, what new console HASN'T launched with boring software? The 360 was incredibly boring for literally a year until Gears of War launched, and then it started to pick up steam. The PS3 had an equally boring launch, and took some time before it started getting interesting titles. Both consoles didn't get much interest from people until the games started showing up. Same can be said for the original DS.

Why can't these hysterical journalists understand that platforms take time to build. My god, the things been out a month and everyone's already jumpng to conclusions. And despite all of that, the 3DS has done reasonably well considering that it launched with bad titles, a somewhat high price, AND had to deal with a terrible natural disaster in Japan.

It never ceases to amaze me how short sighted and sensational people are.

PimpDaddy2727d ago

Their aren't any "must own" games for the system yet. Nintendo has a past history of great sales for handhelds dating all the way back to the original Gameboy.

Once better games are released everything will be fine. Also that $250.00 pricepoint isn't helping and current DS sales are also eating in to new 3DS sales.

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tunaks12727d ago

well, the line up of software is not there yet. @ above I wound't say "bombed", Nintendo manages to sell a respectable amount with no killer app...

cloud4952727d ago

I'm waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3D

Theyellowflash302727d ago

Is the 3DS already boring? What is this, they talk about it as if its some toy or something. Do they mean the games are boing. If thats the case ok but lets be honest there site is trying to get hits and I will not oblige. Zelda, Mario, Kid Icaris, are all coming out this year. We know good software will be coming. Stupid article and question

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