The manly man's men's magazines of Double Fine's Trenched, for men (Bitmob)

Project Lead Brad Muir delves into the thought and design process behind Trenched's hilarious mock magazine covers. For men.

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Sadie21002752d ago

OMG, that picture of Tim Schafer posing for the magazine is priceless.

Tolkoto2752d ago

I wouldn't mind owning a few of these posters.

acronkyoung2752d ago

Yes! I would pay good money for those! Double Fine should definitely put them up for sale in their shop.

rod_furlong2752d ago

Hard to believe that those Man's Life magazines are real. They are real, right?

Shaman1452752d ago

*Sigh* Yet another Double Fine game that I know I'm going to buy, even before I play it. They must put something in the water there.

Oh, wait, I know what it is: fun. They put fun in their water. And amphetamines.

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