Nintendo Feel? Probably not.

From reports published so far, Nintendo is trying to strengthen its relations with 3rd parties to get them back on board, making competitive content for them once again. A controller with haptics is not the way to do it. For Nintendo to win devs back over, this console has to be developer friendly with industry standard features, namely, it has to at least support a gamepad with four face buttons, four shoulder buttons and two analog sticks. ‘Industry standard’, however, is no longer the Nintendo way – while Nintendo have created many of the industry standards we see in our consoles today, they don’t stick with them for long; they continue to pioneer new ones.

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iamnsuperman2727d ago

Please not "feel". It just sounds like the console is just going to violate me. Stream is a better name. Not perfect but better

KeiserSosay47882727d ago

Why Stream? You can't name the first next-gen nintendo console Wii and then the next Stream...somethings just not right about

DigitalHorror812727d ago

Personally, the "Wii" was a horrible name. Okay for the Japanese market, but pointless for Europe, America, etc. On topic, the Nintendo Feel is again a bad choice of name.

Samus HD2727d ago

Stream and Feel are Just Crap

I think they will have a better name in stock