Brink Hands-On Preview (PlanetXbox360)

Are you looking for a new FPS that provides a thrilling, innovative adventure for all modes: single, co-op, and multiplayer? Your best bet might be to check out Brink, Bethesda and Splash Damage's latest collaboration. Bethesda has a pretty high pedigree for bringing us the highly acclaimed Fallout series, but can they break out of that shadow with a new IP? Brink sets itself apart by trying to balance and redefine game modes by blurring the line between them all. In all of this, Brink attempts to satiate everyone's tastes: its there for the lone solider, those who have game dates with friends, and of course for the competitive player who wants bragging rights. Brink is encapsulated by the city of Ark, a floating city on the verge of a grim Civil War. Hate is in the air, but that's not the way it started, as Ark was a man-made creation, and a highly experimental one at that. The floating city was built as a completely "green" city and as an autonomous, independent territory.

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UltimaEnder2724d ago

Will be getting this one on day one!

LaurenKB1232724d ago

Finally a multiplayer only game that looks great...

Godchild10202724d ago

It has a single player too.

teedogg802724d ago

What? This game is multiplayer only?

Ser2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

The game melds both singleplayer mode and multiplayer mode into one experience. You can basically play the entire campaign with human players. It's a pretty awesome idea that reminds me of MAG. Of course, you can also play the entire game offline also.

The only thing I'm worried about is the possibility of an online pass code being included. With the PS Store not making its return until the end of the month, PSN players will not be able to activate their online codes to play the multiplayer mode.

Here's hoping there isn't an online code included. :/

MysticStrummer2724d ago

No. The story can be played solo, co-op, or completely multiplayer where allies and enemies are all people. People can drop in and out of your game seamlessly. Sounds cool to me.

showtimefolks2724d ago

one of the guys went to bethesda's event and played brink and he said he was not impressed. I am still looking forward to this game but i hope if this game needs more time for polish and betas that bethesda will give it the extra time.

instead of us bring the unpaid beta testers for being early adopters

hoping for the best this looks very different and very interesting

soundslike2724d ago

you know IW is a podcast with stock footage right?

anywho the guy says hes never been into class based games. You got to take everything they say with a grain of salt, they bash basically everything

SwampCroc2724d ago

I already have it pre-ordered.. this game is going to be incredible.

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The story is too old to be commented.