No MGS4 PSN demo, MGS Portable Ops+ gets dated

Do you remember when your fake ID couldn't fool the bouncer, leaving you outside sober, cold, and distanced from the girl you were looking to at least play ball with? That's kind of how Joystiq is feeling right now, after learning on the latest Kojima Productions podcast that there are no plans to bring a demo of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to the PlayStation Store prior to launch.

Host Ryan Payton stated: "I can tell you, as of right now, we don't have any plans of uploading this demo on the PlayStation Store." And definitely, he added, no plans of "uploading [on PSN] next week." His statements were echoed by Konami's new flak master, Michael Shelling, adding "[E for All] is going to be your one chance to actually play it prior to it launching next year."

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Cat4071d ago

while getting to play a demo would be awesome, i don't need one to convince me to buy this game. in this case, a demo would be little more than a teaser, and i'm happy just trying to be patient for release!

Kleptic4071d ago

exactly...its not going to take a demo to convince many people whether they want it or pretty already know by now if you do or don't...and most PS3 owners do...

a demo of MG online would be good though...a public beta or something...I heard they may do that still, at least in some form..but haven't heard anything new in a while...

Violater4071d ago

I wanted a demo to keep me from being pissed that the game is a long ways off.

Skerj4071d ago

I'm a sad panda!! In any case I'm getting the game regardless, as it stands I have too much crap to play anyway. This sure would have been a nice bonus though. ..

sonarus4071d ago

agreed but i believe a demo will still be released prob after release but a demo will come out eventually

Keowrath4071d ago

I am a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE Metal gear fan. It's the reason I bought my PS3. I'm actually kinda pleased we wont be seeing a demo. Try as I might I haven't been able to stay away from the trailers and I want MGS4 to be full of surprises as possible and to know as little as possible about the game. (Yeah, I know I've kinda screwed up already! =p)

I don't need a demo to know that the game will be awesome and I can wait until next year for the full release. I didn't get a demo of MGS3 (Only saw one trailer prior to release) and it turned out to be possibly my favourite Metal Gear to date.

A release date for Portable Ops+ is more than enough for me at the moment as I'm sure I'll be playing that over christmas until the big one hits early next year.

UnblessedSoul4071d ago

So what was the point in putting effort into the english demo then ?

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