Nintendo Wii 2 with a $350 price tag says: Rumours lurking around the internet have suggested that the Wii 2, also known as Nintendo Stream, Project Café, will come with a hefty price tag of $350US. The expensive price is due to the hardware the console system will be packing, a custom-built AMD graphics chip that outperforms PlayStation 3, IGN points to a retail price of between $350 and $400 for the console. If these rumors are to be believed, it will become the most expensive console on the current market...

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BK-2012778d ago

this is bad news if true. I want an actual future-proof console from Nintendo for a change

Nitrowolf22778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

The pricing isn't that bad. If it does everything that the hype been saying then i will be willing to pay that much. Spent $600 on my PS3, and TBH that was a good investment. If Wii 2 is better then current gen. then i don't see it being a low price. Wii released at $250, 3DS $300. I don't see the launch price getting any lower.

just gotta hear how they will handle their online network now and if its any good then i will prob. be in the lines on launch day. That is if it lives to hype.
Just gonna wait till E3


i did not know that, thought it was $300 thanks

multipayer2778d ago

3DS is $250, but I agree with what your saying. Nintendo is going to sucker me into buying so many HD remakes...

Biggest2778d ago

That is much too high. The 360 was first to market, had a well established online community, and a small measure of upgrades. The PS3 included things that no console was offering, some of which still stand today. The BluRay player alone made it a worthwhile purchase for many because stand-alone players were more expensive. The new Nintendo console won't have anything going for it to justify a $350 price tag. Games are always a great draw for any console. It's the extras that make them worth more than a general gaming machine. The PS2 is still on the market for $99. The Wii offered new games and a different control scheme to justify its $100 increase in price (plus $199 doesn't look bad stacked next to $400 and $600). If a PS3 with BluRay player and large hard drive is $299, the new Nintendo console needs to have both included PLUS more.

BK-2012778d ago

Actually I meant I was expecting the price to be higher. Higher price usually means the parts will be more advanced.

---stone---2778d ago

People will storm the retail stores and buy as many as they can at launch, all through the holiday season and maybe a few months after.

Some people wont flinch at $350. Some will complain at the price from now til launch/through Holiday season, but when they see the price Wii2 will bring on Ebay...only to capitulate and buy one, roll (100) greed, buying more because all of a sudden that 350 seems like 150 and chaaaaaaaaaa ching!!!!!!!!!!!11 profit time!!

tehReaper2778d ago

Shouldn't a higher price tag suggest the console will be slightly future-proof?

kreate2777d ago

not with nintendo.
they make sure they dont lose any money on hardware. something that is practiced by Sony.

tehReaper2776d ago

Okay, you want a $600 console, so that it's future proof? Give me a break. Nintendo knows what they're doing, and making a nintendo console that will be cutting edge for the next 10-15 years is kidding yourself.

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EYEamNUMBER12778d ago

350 doesn't sound bad i payed 400 for my 360 so its ok with me

i do expect a 300-400 price though that should be obvious

Sexius Maximus2778d ago

Yea, $350 aint bad. I paid $400 for my 360, and $600 on my PS3. $350 is totally within reason.

2fk2778d ago

this better be a lot better than the the first wii with a price like that

ReservoirDog3162778d ago

Too bad if it's this price. Can't afford it.

kreate2777d ago

unless ur dying to play mario, zelda. metroid. pokemon.

who cares?

wait for more software lineup.

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2778d ago

i payed $700 for my ps3, wont pay a penny for a console that has any association to the Wii-unless ofcourse its ACTUALLY current gen, some flashy controller won't justify a price like that

PirosThe4th2778d ago

I will probably have a better graphics card and a decent processor...

But then again It will most likely match current gen consoles. Sadly...

256bit2778d ago

i payed $550 when the MGS4 bundle came out. so $350 isnt alot. but iam still going to get it. i already have $500 bucks saved up just for the stream. i cant wait

solidjun52778d ago

I paid $700 after tax and whatnot for my ps3 and i paid 400 for the halo reach bundle. 350 isn't so bad and i can understand if people find it too high. I found all my systems way to high. But I think we should see if the 350 is justified when Nintendo finally unveils it at E3. Hopefully, they'll have some awesome games and great features. Time will time. ^_^

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