Wet hands-on: Rubi puts the Ass in "Assassin"

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's a bit gratuitous. After all, christening a game Wet when its main character is a big breasted, kick-ass female killer called Rubi who packs more weaponry than a Texan household, instantly sets the mind racing towards obvious, lower-region moistness gags and blatantly sexual marketing ploys. But you'd be wrong to be so hasty. You see, rather than being a mere excuse for developer A2M to pack enough polygons into a D-cup to make Lara feel inadequate, Wet is shaping up to be one seriously thrilling all-out action killfest with brains as well as bust and enough imaginative features to have Ms. Croft and a certain Persian royal casting nervous glances over their slender shoulders.

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MK_Red4022d ago

"certain Persian"... Seriously, does anyone know what's the name of Prince?

Back to topic, the game looks to be borrowing to many features from other games but it's blood violent and looks kinda like "Kill Bill" so I'm getting it whenever it comes out.

Skerj4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

They better space game releases out more in 08 than they did this year, because there's a lot of stuff coming out next year that I want. This became one months ago. I hope they give us more freedom over the swordplay though. I was hoping for something like a mix between the Gunslinger/Trickster/Swordmast er styles in DMC3 only with one character simultaneously. With a deep enough combat system it might be able to satiate me until DMC4.

MK_Red4022d ago

Combining Tomb Raider, Prince Of Persia and Devil May Cry, this could be one hell of a fun game.

Almighty4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Wet is basically the most stupid name ever on a videogame, seriously, what they were thinking on?

Also, it looks horribly generic.

InMyOpinion4022d ago

Looks silly and boring to me. Nothing new and the art direction scks.


Great idea. Read about it last month. Hope it works out well.