Great Gaming Crusade: Mortal Kombat PS3 Review

Great Gaming Crusade: "Anyone who has ever played video games in the past ten years has heard the Mortal Kombat name, and most gamers know that this series hasn’t been living up to its past legacy with its last few titles. When NetherRealm Studios announced a new Mortal Kombat was on the horizon many fans were skeptical (have you played MK vs. DCU?), but the decision to throw the series back to its classic 2D roots helped soothe the difficult waiting period. Well the wait is over and I must say that this title does more than just give gamers a nostalgic feeling. The new Mortal Kombat succeeds with its impressive 2.5D visuals and backgrounds, tight controls and distinctive move set for each character, a set of unique and bloody fatalities for every combatant, a roster full of old and new favorites free of filler and palette swaps, and some new features that are guaranteed to keep you playing long after you complete story mode."

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