GamePro: Darkspore Review

GamePro: "As uninspired as the story is, the missions are equally unimaginative. If you're looking for much in the way of objective-based missions, you're not going to find it in Darkspore. Your tasks follow a predictable formula: see bad guys, click on bad guys, kill bad guys until you reach a boss; kill the boss.

The hacking and slashing does feel really great, the controls responding as you would expect from this genre, and there's a wide assortment of loot to keep you replaying the stages. The dungeons themselves come in a variety of flavors, e.g. weird rainforest, space deck, or lunar surface. The maps are generally easy to navigate, and I did appreciate how well the levels flowed, encouraging me down winding passageways toward my goal."

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atticus142728d ago

I loved playing the beta of this game and probably would have bought it on release but Im definitely waiting till I can get a few of my friends to buy it with me.

Single player was okay, but co-op is a blast. The review is pretty accurate but I think even with him mentioning that co-op is much more fun I still think it understates just how fun this game can be playing with friends.

Also, I really loved the music and atmosphere that the game provided everything just comes together and works well.