Hellgate: London Exclusive Demo

GameDaily is proud to present the Hellgate: London single player demo from Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai and Flagship Studios. The demo lets players experience Halloween horror as the streets of London in the year 2038 run deep with demons.

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Regret4015d ago

Tried it this morning and not impressed at all.

And they should do something to optimize game. Looks crapy but still cant get decent FPS.

Batusai4015d ago

I love this game. If you like Diablo, you love Hellgate: London

Skerj4015d ago

Man I went in not expecting ANYTHING and was pleasantly surprised. Flagship weaved that special Diablo crack magic into this game, I think I might end up buying it.

Keowrath4015d ago

Just found out I'm in the beta too. Will be trying it tonight...

Regret4015d ago

Movement suck, especialy if u play with sword class. Maps are random but design isnt that good. Marksman is a lot easier to play. You can kill boss and he wont touch you. With sword you'll use few med kits. When u salvage some item, you get parts to upgrade to another piece of equipment, nicely done.