Killer7: Is It Still Playable?

Bright Hub takes cult classic Killer7 for a spin to decide if the title still holds up to gaming's ever-changing standards. Does the game still look and play as good as it did back in 2005?

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kyl2772726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

ive heard a lot about it but never got around to buying it

i might need to dust off the old PS2 or finally get some use for my gamecube :D

actually ill just torrent it and run it in HD in dolphin :D

TheSanchezDavid2726d ago

You can buiy the GameCube version for like $6. It's an awesome game and it still holds up incredibly well today. Do yourself a favor and play this bizarre title.

kyl2772726d ago

I think I might just do that, assuming you are the person who wrote the article it was a good read

TheSanchezDavid2726d ago

Thanks. Yeah, I wrote this editorial. Glad you enjoyed it. I'd recommend Killer7 over a number of recent games.

imvix2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

Lol just play it on PC in 1080p with dolphin. No point buying an old console to play the game.

Actually BC is a fort of the PC. There are many classics currently that are simply unplayable because not many people have a working PS2, Game cube or whatever. Having a modern PC is an awesome decision for any gamer today, as it open a window to play old PC games(thousands of those out there), any console aside the PS3 and Xbox 360. Current gen games are cheaper on PC too and run better then any console and will in the future be playable when next gen consoles may not play the games we have today, just like XBox 360 or PS3 wont play games from last gen. Any one looking to build a huge library of games for cheap should definetly be looking to make a gaming PC.

PirosThe4th2726d ago

Thats what I did. Then again I also have PS3, 360 and I keep the PS2 because some games don't even work properly on PCSX2. Dolphin is so much better but the again PS2 is sort of hard to emulate considering that it has such a strange architecture, so yeah! I don't miss any game having PC 360 PS3 and Dolphin :P No More Heroes ftw... I actually bought the game even though I don;t have a wii. Suda51 makes the best games! I am supporting him and not Nintendo :P f that!

Baka-akaB2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

well he can still buy the gamecube version for cheap and then play it on emu .
Hell due to my bro's house burglary a while ago , i dont even have the wii anymore . But i still buy games i want and can enjoy them HD .

I agree with you that pc rocks for that kind of use but it doesnt have to be a full blown gateway to sheer piracy (not that you implied it anyway mind you) .

I do love firing up the old 2d fighters , especially kof , when in contrast con artists like snk playmore try to resell the same games every year and every compilations , without even bothering itself to use filters dating as far back as snes emu , or even adding trophies .
And we aint even talking about some oldie coming back from the grave , but some frickin' games re-released almost the same at least 3 time each gen and consoles since the ps1 .

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christheredhead2726d ago

killer 7 was a really great game. it was unique and i really haven't played anything like it. ive still got my gamecube copy and ill play it on my wii every now and then. definitely holds up even today.

TheSanchezDavid2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

I'm impressed at how well the developers were able to blend all those gameplay elements.

derkasan2726d ago

Ha, I just beat it too.

Excellent game, though a little abstract. Oh Suda51...

Baka-akaB2726d ago

That's the beauty of games with an actual design and art style .

Pure realism driven games , especially fps , just become obsolete and outdated rather quickly

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