Miyamoto: Nintendo continually focus on "uniqueness," never aim to beat competitors

Nintendo Universe writes:

Within a recent interview with The Observer, legendary Japanese video games designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto has continued to clarify the stance that Nintendo take in regards to their competitors.

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Otheros002729d ago

The gamecube was NOT unique in terms of hardware.

Venox20082729d ago

it had best grapghics of all three :) .fact.(exclusives)

Otheros002729d ago

It's exclusives from nintendo have worse graphics of all three systems. fact. Twilight princess looks like it has a little more polygon then Ocarina of Time. Even games from the dreamcast look better.

Venox20082728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

@Otheros00 ..that was funny about zeldas :)

haven't you seen how looks on gamecube..

Luigi's Mansion
Super mario sunshine
Donkey kong: jungle beat
Wind waker
MGS: twin snakes
Metroid Primes

and some others... they really look better than other console games in those times, only game that looked better or equal was Conker live & reloaded