Why 'Call of Duty' is dying out!

We explore why the once multi-million multiplayer hit is now a ... multi-million franchise getting staler by the minute!

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EYEamNUMBER12751d ago

dying out? um im pretty sure black ops was the best selling one yet
sales wise its been going up as opposed to down

Joni-Ice2751d ago

The sad thing is the amount of people who bought Black Ops just to have ALL the problems it had when the game launch. Im so glad I didnt buy that game but a lot of people did and was upset about it. I think the next COD, people will take more caution before buying it. They need to bring something fresh and new to the series and not the same crap.

DarkTower8052751d ago

I bought BO day 1 and didn't have any issues. In fact, it was the best COD game since COD4. The problem with the game I have is that its the same tired formula, and once the novelty of new guns/maps wears off it gets boring. I only played it about a month before I got bored to death of it. Last COD game for me.

tehpees32751d ago

CoD just became meh for me. it would be so much better if Activision didn't rush it to market and took regular breaks. I grow bored of Activision and their games

the one game they had that interested me was true crime but now thats cancelled and it was one of the most original games they've done in a while

jimbone792750d ago

What I don't understand is when people use the "they rush them out" excuse to not like this game. They have been released in the same timeframe as the Uncharted series. Each studio puts one out every 2 years, it's really not that uncommon of a practice these days. If you want to hate it hate it for the lack of improvement, or the rehashing of the same game over and over, but stop with the time frame thing, unless you’re going to use it for every game series that drops a new game every 2 years.

zealottt2751d ago

REAL GAMERS would buy battlefield.

Bad kids and retards would buy CoD

retrofly2751d ago

What about us who by both? I've been playing COD since COD1 and BF since 1942!

PirosThe4th2751d ago

Disappointed at Medal Of Honor though! I used to love the ones on PSone! I want a remake of UNDERGROUND!



If ur a so called real gamer then u have the sense that every one is allowed to buy what ever game they want....U dont like COD then fine its ur life, but dont talk shit about real gamers buys BF and kids buy COD...U look like an immature hypocryite.

scotchmouth2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )


That is a superb logical fallacy!

FunkMcnasty2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I'm talking to you, zealott..You must be either a "bad kid" or a "retard."

"Real Gamers" play what they want, and don't need some game thats overly complicated, difficult to pick up and play, and impossible to comprehend to feel like a "real gamer." Real gamer's play what they like and don't pay attention to internet fads like hating games that sell well or don't majorly innovate over several iterations.

Quit trying to lump yourself in with all the Supreme elite videogame nerds on the internet. You're a sheep. I hate sheep.

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jbiz3302751d ago

right? theres been year after year growth with this franchise.. not that Im happy about it but lets not be disingenuous.

NYC_Gamer2751d ago

how is it dying?its one of the most played online games.

LOGICWINS2751d ago

Modern Warfare 2 sold more than COD4 and then Black Ops outsold Modern Warfare 2..what the hell are you talking about?

Fox012751d ago

damn, logic actually does win.

xVeZx2751d ago

black ops was the peak....its all downhill from here....

Habylab2751d ago

If you read it, they say about how it's playing it safe and the competition is catching up, and how more people buy it, but don't play it as long as they used to.

LOGICWINS2751d ago

"It seemed more evident than ever that in these past few months that the Call of duty gamer is becoming more and more bored and starting to leave this once so dominant game. But what is causing the downfall in this series and what can be done?"

Yeah...but wheres ur evidence of that? How can you account for the tens of millions of COD players across the globe?

xc7x2751d ago

ya know what this means,next COD game sales will be better than last one. whenever a tear is shed about the game,it explodes to a bigger sales hog. then add a bit of "BF3 will top next COD game" on a sentence and it'll skyrocket. ok that's all. next time peeps..just shhh!! ain't helping by your outspoken topics,Activision just laughs all the way to a bank literally.

gcolley2751d ago

i think the media hype around BF3 will put a dent in CoD sales. the difference in games will be huge with BF3 destroying it gameplay wise just as the last 2 BCs have but this time it will be more apparent and more promoted. CoD is seriously showing it's age in gameplay mechanics. you can only milk something for so long before you need to update it.

they need to target the sheep more, which means marketing saturation. with such a good quality product EA/Dice just need to spend more on marketing

now as much as i would like this to happen i would prefer all the glitching cheating douchebags stay in CoD

King_many_layers2751d ago

The hype behind battlefield 3 will have no difference in the sales of CoD.

CoD is like windows in the way that the internet moans on about its flaws, but it has NO difference in the sales.

CoD will continue to do exceptional due to consumer attitudes of needing the next big thing.

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