Iwata discusses Nintendo's lack of knowledge in online networks

Nintendo Universe writes:

Another story has emerged from Nintendo’s recent Financial Results Briefing, with Satoru Iwata having commented on the company’s lack of knowledge in relation to being able to implement online networks – something that he is keen to correct by seeking help from “more skillful outside specialists.”

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kyl2772726d ago

This is good, their network was a joke on the DS and I hear it was on the wii too.

Dart892726d ago

I agree seek help from other companies for online paly.

RahatR2726d ago

Yeah...Nintendo really has had no idea how to make a proper network for online entertainment. Finally they're doing something about it.

ChickeyCantor2726d ago

I call BS.
There goes billions into R&D.
You don't know something? You Research it, then you develop it.

Iwata, O you.