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In a world threatened by destruction, take control of a fearless and agile warrior as he fights for the lives of his people as well as his own. The two powerful goddesses who created the world are keen on destroying it, as part of their cycle. It is your duty to put a stop to this impending doom by traversing through different parts of the world, finding guardian keys that unlock battles with fierce entities. This is the premise of Outland, an XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network release from Ubisoft. A game that you will surely never forget about once you’ve laid your eyes on it. Step into this beautiful world as its savior and prevent utter destruction from taking its toll on innocent creation.

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Stevo912724d ago

This is getting great reviews might have to check it out

despair2724d ago

wow I don't think I've seen a single review close to negative on this game.

Psychonaughty2724d ago

It's a brill game, get it.