Sega Superstar Tennis Announced

Sega's next tennis game isn't Virtua Tennis 4, it's Sega Superstars Tennis. Developed by Sumo Digital the game's coming to PS2, PS3, 360, Wii and DS in early 2008.

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Almighty4021d ago

This looks like a sony quality game, even if it's made by Sega. So that means that is going to get mediocre reviews.

vgn244021d ago

I love arcady sports games. It's like Sonic's version of Mario Tennis, except with characters I like, lol.

Where was this in the Dreamcast days!?!?

forum_crawler4021d ago

This game will now be considered great because it will also play on the PS3 & 360. Fanboys are funny.

I am glad Sega is following Nintendo's lead and using it's mascot as the main character in many games. It makes sense to do so, and it builds awareness. Also, it is kid friendly and not restricted to a single architecture; it makes sense!

vgn244021d ago

It's a game that has a mascot in sports. Holy cow! It's totally copycat! This industry never copies each other. When was the last time something truly innovative came out of this horrid industry? 98, 99? It's all copycat. So enjoy it. No one said that suddenly mascot filled tennis is good because it's on something besides Nintendo. Maybe, and holy crap- could it be, that people are excited cause they can play a fun pick up n' play game that doesn't have a plumber in it?


crck4021d ago

is developing it. They made the excellent 360 and PSP version of Virtua Tennis 3. And yes some people may actually want to play Mascot sports games in HD.

DeckUKold4021d ago

this is milking a guy just like mario and pokemon now sonic and then Halo carrace then spartan tennis then spartan hoops baseball football and pirocross

texism4021d ago

Sega is doing the Nintendo now? .

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